Interior Design for Beginners with Examples

Interior Design for Beginners with Examples

7 Steps to Interior Design

1. Make a decision on how your room will be used. Your design will be impacted by the overall function that your room is to serve. Arrange the furniture and appliances in such a way to create an ease in use and allow space for adequate storage.

2. Use color in your design to evoke emotions. Colors can impact your imagination or influence your mood. Red sparks up appetite, yellow boosts energy, and blue and green reduces stress.

3. Furniture should be arranged to create an ease in movement, flow within your space, and esthetically pleasing. Point large pieces towards your focal point while ensuring the walkways are not blocked. Mix tall, short, heavy, and light furniture.

4. Create your focal point that serves as a centerpiece for your overall room design. Exploit your natural focal points such as the fireplace or bay window. Set up bookcases, colorful rugs, or mirrors as your center piece.

5. Use a combination and variety of lighting sources. This allows you to increase light for activity and reduce it for a romantic ambiance. Combining overhead lights, task lights, floor lamps, and ambient light all work.

6. Group decorations in odd numbers using groups of three for frames, candles, pillows, and other accessories. Asymmetrical decorations can be considered visually appealing.

7. Invest in class furniture which lasts through trends. Buy classic styles for beds, tables, and sofas. Change the styles out by swapping accessories.
Posted on Jun 23, 2013


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