How to Kill Dandelions

The easiest and simplest answer to how to kill dandelions is to hire a professional. This would ensure that all your dandelions are removed properly and there would be no risk of having any residual roots or seeds around your property. However, hiring a professional costs money and you may not be willing to bear that expense.

Homemade Solution

There are many homemade solutions of how to kill dandelions and if you can take a measured approach which is well thought out then you can do the entire task yourself without any help.

Before we discuss the various chemical, physical and biological ways to kill dandelions, it must be noted that they cannot be got rid of with a simple mowing exercise. You can mow down the dandelions all you like but that wouldn’t stop them from growing back. What happens with mowing is you simply get rid of the shoot. The root still remains embedded inside the soil. That can always sprout out another flower. Also, mowing has a disadvantage. When you mow down dandelions, the flower may burst and seeds may get scattered around. These seeds would be potent enough to become several more dandelions. Thus, to get rid of one or a few dandelions with mowing, you would actually facilitate an outbreak. It is necessary to kill dandelions and not just get rid of them cosmetically.

Best Remedy to Kill Dandelions

The best solutions to kill dandelions are quite simple. You can take a small shovel and dig out the entire weed. You should dig out the dandelions along with their roots and all protrusions that exist underneath. You may have to soil the area again but this exercise would get rid of the dandelions. This method doesn’t cost much and doesn’t have any challenges.

If you are unlikely to spend time digging up every dandelion up from its roots then you can use chemicals or other homemade remedies. For instance, you can simply pour boiling water onto the weeds and they would die. This process is time consuming and you may have to repeat it a few times through a few days. You can block the sun using cardboards or other materials such as plastic bags and the dandelions would die since they need sunlight to survive. You can spray vinegar on the dandelions, corn gluten meal or use salt on them to kill them. You can have rabbits as pets or have chickens in your yard that would gorge on the dandelions or you can use any of the many chemical herbicides that are available in the stores.
Posted on Mar 20, 2014


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