Landlord Inspection Checklist: Rights, Letters, and Reports

Landlords across the state have the prime responsibility to make sure they inspect and up keep their property once they have rented it to the tenants. Inspections can occur monthly or yearly depending upon the tenancy period. The manner in which one does it is by using an organized form that easily highlights what is in good condition and what is not. Landlords most commonly use the inspection checklist when it comes to seeing the condition of the rental space that the tenants occupy.

The landlord inspection checklist is something that is a very important tool for when inspections need to be done or the landlord and tenant need to conduct a thorough search of the premises. This is to make sure everything complies with regulations and rulings. This checklist has all the specifications of the premises and the landlord checks everything by specifying if these things are as he/she left them at the start of the tenancy period. This checklist is something that the landlord uses every so often so that the regular checks that need to be performed can be done so easily. It is also so that the property owner can document what is fine and what they need to repair.

The checklist has many forms. In most states, there will be a standardized form of the checklist. The general form, in which it is present in majority of the states, is where there is the complete contact information of the landlord and then it lists each room’s specification. This starts with the first room and its specifications like the heating, roofing, flooring and plastering conditions and then moves on to each of the rooms in the same manner. Another shorter form is also available, which is ideal for checks and regular visits that the landlord has to make.

The checklist works in the manner where one will use a pointer key. This key defines the condition of each item in the rental property -- how it is at the beginning of the tenancy and at the end of the tenancy. There are also clauses that state that the landlord and the tenant take solemn oaths to testify that the property is in the condition that it is in. An inspection must take place every few months or so in an ideal situation. This means that you will give your tenant a notice beforehand highlighting that you are coming for an inspection. Once you plan to conduct an inspection, it is important to realize that both parties need to be honest about it.

Any damages, repairs and maintenance that one needs to do will also be stated on these forms. This means that you should state and mention all such activities on paper in case any dispute rises. Therefore, there will be evidence that you can present. This checklist facilitates not only the landlord but also the tenant. This is because the checklist works in both parties favor; it is a written proof for both parties where they can highlight the specifications that are not up to par. Thereby, the checklist offers a simple routine up keep, which is disciplined and organized, and allows for the landlord to identify the maintenance work that needs to be done.
Posted on Nov 19, 2012


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Landlord Inspection Checklist: Rights, Letters, and Reports

Landlords across the state have the prime responsibility to make sure they inspect and up keep their property once they have rented it to the tenants. Inspections can occur monthly or yearly depending... More

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