How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

4 Ways to Lower Electricity Costs

The average household pays $1,900 in electricity costs each year. With increasing electronic gadgets that consumer power, bills are expected to increase 20 to 50% in coming years. Here are four ways to lower electricity costs and help you save money.

Become a Do-It-Yourselfer

Replace your bulbs with new CFLs as traditional incandescent bulb emit more heat that actual lighting. Installing energy saving controls on outside lights and use low wattage or energy star bulbs can help you save some money.

Replace air filters regularly to keep you air conditioner from having to work harder while lowered costs on bills. Be sure the filters fit properly.

Seal air leaks around the home by using caulk. Why pay for your air or heat just to see it escape to the outside or allow excess heat and cold to enter your home through these leaks. Install double pane windows and upgrade your insulation. Put down weather stripping around the door sweeps for windows and doors.

Make the shade work for you by planting trees near your central AC unit. Set your thermostat at 78 from 73 in the spring and summer, reducing your cooling costs by 15%.

Do Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your air conditioner unit can help to increase its durability and efficiency. It will help to save you time and money in the long run. Avoid costly repairs while allowing your unit to perform at its maximum efficiency. Get your unit inspected twice a year before the cooling and heating sessions.

Take Advantage of Discounts

25C Government tax credits have an extension on HVAC systems of 10% of cost up to $500, good until December 2013. Additional utility rebates can help to save up to $1,300. Manufacturer rebates may offer an additional savings up to $1,350. Special offer savings up to $1,500 on select products with qualifying systems.

Worthwhile Upgrades

Some of these upgrade options may make it just worthwhile enough for you to save some more money. Choosing an add on with programmable thermostats can control the temperature of your home while reducing utility bills. Additional incentives guaranteeing 25% savings on energy costs can also happen. Be sure to purchase energy efficient units to save additional money and get the most efficient options available.
Posted on Sep 08, 2013


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