Martha Stewart vs. Ty Pennington

Comparison of Martha Stewart vs. Ty Pennington

Who Is The Home Improvement King Or Queen?

Now when you think of home improvement and home décor two big names come to mind. Ty Pennington and Martha Stewart. They each are giants in their respective fields, but who is the top dog overall? Who has excelled the best in their field and has won the public's approval and love?

Now if you were to look at them solely by their highest net worth, you would have to agree that Martha Stewart is the winner by clocking in at $650 million, with Ty Pennington coming in at a distant second with a his highest net worth reaching only $10 million. But when you think about it Martha Stewart has had a big head start on Ty Pennington, so that really isn't a fair comparison (but it's a still a pretty good one).

They are each the host of their own shows which have each won numerous awards. But again in this category Martha Stewart is once again victorious. She has her ten Daytime Emmys stacked up to Ty Pennington's four awards ( two Emmys and two People's Choice). But again, Martha Stewart has been around longer than Pennington. If Pennington keeps putting in the work that he has been doing I think he will eventually catch up on the Emmys, but at least he has two awards that Stewart doesn't have.

They also have done other shows here and there in their careers which have all pretty much been successful. The biggest difference here is that more of Ty Pennington's shows are oriented toward helping people out, where as Martha Stewart's are purely for entertainment.

They have each had to work for the success that they have today, it definitely wasn't handed to them. So in that respect they are extremely similar. They even both modeled at some point in their lives in order to help support themselves.

They have both written or at least been contributors to books. Martha Stewart has books on everything from entertaining at your home, to Christmas, to planning a wedding. This of course where she excels. Pennington has a few books with his name on them, featuring design tricks and another one that offers home improvement tips. I'm sure for many years to come both of them will continue to put out books like these since design, entertainment, and home improvement are things that will never go away.

Overall in the race between the two I would say that so far Martha Stewart is winning currently, but I also think that Pennington will also eventually catch up if he keeps going at the pace he is currently going at. But once again in their respective fields they are big stars and no one can take that away from them.
Posted on Oct 12, 2013


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