How to Measure Windows for Vertical Blinds

How to Measure Windows for Vertical Blinds

Tips To Measure Blinds For Your Window Project

Blinds ensure privacy and protection against natural elements. This feature is useful only if it fits properly over the windows. Installing blinds is an easy DIY project if you follow the instructions. Figure out how to measure your blinds for the best installation.

3 Step Measurements

Windows and blinds are made in a variety of sizes. Based on the age and condition of the house, choose the best measurement guide. There are standard guides for standard windows, but new homes may not come with standards. Buying blinds is not guaranteed to be simple. Even so, measure well because too big or too small blinds do not protect the house well. Measuring is necessary if you want the best fit. First, take measurements in three spots to determine the right width and drop or length. These spots are the top middle of the width section, the left middle of the drop section and the bottom.

The recess is the space or opening within the window. Decide whether to install the blinds inside or outside of the recess. Install the window handles correctly so you do not ruin the workings of the blinds.

Clean the Area

For the best operations, remove any unwanted objects inside the recess and near the window. These objects include rails, window borders and phone jacks. Measure to allow enough room for these obstructions. For instance, allow enough room to avoid touching the phone jacks. Consider placing the blinds on the exterior of the recess. Measure carefully to keep the blinds within the space. It is important to allow enough space for proper operations.

Decide where you want to install blinds on window frame or mount. Install on the inside to expose the frame, and install on the outside to cover the frame. If you do not want to cover an attractive frame, install on the inside.


When you place blinds together, allow a one centimeter gap to ensure a separate operation of each blind. Take measurements within one to two millimeters. For your tasks, buy the right supplies. Use a ruler, tape measure and notepad.

Before you put in new blinds, consider making a window replacement. There are many options available based on your budget, design and energy efficiency needs. Using the same window style is possible, but it is better to create a new look. In addition, blinds come in different looks. Choose either real or faux wood made in different species and grains. Also, choose ceramic blinds or cotton ones, which are harder to measure but still look appealing.

Curtains are unstable because the wind blows the fabric in different directions. Blinds are sturdier and less messy than curtains. Design the blinds yourself and then install them for a personalized touch. After you make the measurements, find your window products and services.
Posted on Oct 20, 2013


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