Most Important Landlord Tenant Laws in Texas

When it comes to having a tenant for the first time, it can be pretty daunting because you are going to be the corresponding landlord and a new relationship will emerge, which will need time to grow and require the both of you to maintain it. Therefore, many laws, rules and regulations are there since the dawn of the day to make sure this relationship stays as hassle free as it can without any run in with the law. When there are any maladjustments and if and when, the matter gets out of hand, there will be sufficient ramifications for it.

Every state has their own laws and if you are a tenant or a landlord in Texas, the chances are that you already have some of this legal info, or have seen a copy of the rules and regulations. There are not many differences between the rulings and regulations of the different states except for a few things and mainly the overall concept is the same. Basic and important rules are all the same and so, before you enter into any landlord tenant agreement, you should familiarize yourself with them.

First and foremost, you will be asked to sign a lease that states all the legal basics. Sometimes it may also be the case that these rulings will be mentioned in the lease so as to act as a reference point. That means that when both parties sign the lease, they have been legally notified that these rulings apply. The most important of the rules will be mentioned, thus allowing you to know what is of status quo in the tenant landlord relationship. One of the first rules is that any changing of the rules can be done easily in a month-to-month agreement but never in the middle. Provided that the landlord offers a 30-day advance notice of the change, these new rules are enforceable.

Another one of the rules is that any ruling on cars and outdoor property must specifically be changed only after a clear notice. Without any clarification, these rulings are unenforceable and can be challenged. Landlords can easily set limits on how many occupants reside in the place of residence. Texas law states that a landlord can set the limit of 3 adults of age 18 years per bedroom. The landlord cannot however limit the number of visitors provided that the visitors do not cause any disruptions, and are not violating the house rules. These rules may sound random, but they have been put into place for the dominoes to fall exactly into place thus reinforcing the equilibrium between the landlord and tenant.
Posted on Jul 01, 2012


Most Important Landlord Tenant Laws in Texas

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