How Much Does A Property Survey Cost

In order to make improvements to your property, it is often beneficial to know where your property lines actually run. This allows you to stay out of the right-of-way that may be alongside your property or avoid legal issues that occur when a property line is encroached upon. You could scout out your own property lines, but this takes a lot of time and requires you to know what the legal description of your property deed actually means.

That's why many property owners resort to hiring a property surveyor to take care of this job for them. The surveyor will scout out the listed landmarks or use the standard surveying documentation to find where the property lines actually run and then mark them off. This allows the property owner to then improve their land or structures in a way that reduces future potential legal problems.

The Minimum Cost of a Property Survey is About $500

For property owners that have a small “postage stamp” piece of land, the minimum property survey cost will be about $500 on average. This is because the boundaries of the property are fairly easy to locate and it doesn't take very much time to mark off the lines. The one piece of trouble that does creep up frequently for these property owners, however, is that developers may have encroached onto someone's land or your neighbor's might actually have their fence on your property. The surveyor won't settle these issues. You'll simply know they exist.

The Total Average Cost of a Property Survey Is About $1,000

For most property owners that have a portion of unused physical land and structures on that land, the average cost is going to be right around $1k. Some may experience lower costs if they have property that is less than 0.25 acres and larger property owners may see a somewhat higher cost. The work of the surveyor remains the same for larger properties, but there can be variations to the property line that are unforeseen.

In the past, it was common to include creeks, rivers, and even ditches as a foundation of a property line. The only problem is that not every legal description uses these natural landmarks or if it has been several decades since the description was generated, the landmarks could have changed. That's why having a regular property survey completed is so important.

The High End Costs of a Property Survey Are at Least $1,200

Sometimes a property survey is used to make new plots of land so that a large piece of acreage can be subdivided. At other times, a property owner simply wants to mark off all of their land so they know exactly what can be used for pasture, farmland, or other purposes. The minimum cost will be $1,200 in most jurisdictions for these extensive surveys and there is no cap to these costs. As a rule, the larger a property is that needs to be surveyed, then the higher the cost a property owner is going to pay.

You could scout out your own property lines and mark them off, but a surveyor can do it for you much more quickly. If you need to know where your property lines are, then consider making this investment today so you can avoid future legal troubles.
Posted on Sep 24, 2014


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