What is the National Alliance of HUD Tenants

The National Alliance of HUD Tenants is an organization that was founded in order to protect families of lower incomes that live in HUD-assisted multifamily housing. To qualify for membership, a family must live in a privately owned building. Their design is much like that of any typical union. They are active in making sure that private landlords are meeting the housing needs of tenants so that a safe, secure rental unit is provided, even though it is low income.

NAHT Works With Section 8 Housing

What the National Alliance of HUD Tenants provides is a national presence for local tenant organizing projects. It is a partnership of over 300 tenant unions that are set up to make sure landlords and property owners are meeting with their end of a leasing agreement. The goal of this organization is three-fold:

1. To make sure that affordable housing is preserved in every city where an affiliate is present.
2. To make sure that all the rights of a tenant are preserved and protected.
3. To promote unit ownership by tenants and control of properties where an active leasing agreement is in place.

NAHT will then work with local tenant union organizers across the United States to make sure tenants know what their rights happen to be. Although some landlords look upon this organization in a negative way, it really is just designed to make sure that all parties are fulfilling their responsibilities in a rental agreement. When there is a perception that a landlord isn't living up to their end of an agreement, NAHT will help local unions organize resources to make sure that tenant rights are upheld.

NAHT Is Also a Valuable Online Resource

Low-income families don't always have the same access to knowing what their rights happen to be when it comes to having a safe, livable home. What the National Alliance of HUD Tenants provides is access to the knowledge that families need to make sure they are getting everything that their rental agreement and local laws demand that they get. Part of this is instant access to the Management Agent Handbook, which in particular is useful as it defines what qualifies as landlord harassment to a tenant and requires landlords to recognize a tenant union.

NAHT also works closely with HUD to make sure the landlords will stay in compliance. A complaint system has been created through NAHT that funnels directly to HUD if there is a legitimate issue with a landlord. Results of these complaints may result in HUD fines to a Section 8 property if they are complaints that have been founded.

What is the National Alliance of HUD Tenants? It is simply a tool that tenants may use to protect themselves. When landlords work with their local tenant unions, a reasonable solution to any problem can usually be found. That is ultimately the goal of each member union and this national organization.
Posted on Jul 22, 2014


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