How the Most Popular Household Rugs are Made

How the Most Popular Household Rugs are Made

Rug Making Techniques Around The World

Rug making is a worldwide art form that has been in existence for thousands of years. Weaving techniques that go into all types of rugs that are made today developed as far back as the Stone Age.

What is a Rug?

Rug making is an art form and the materials, working, and patterns that are displayed in many rugs are indicative of the region the rug was made in. Many small areas of almost any country and even a town can be famous for the style of rugs that are made there, the color patterns, the materials used, and the designs

Rugs are usually classified into groups based on the technique that is used to make them. Other classifications include the country the rug was made in or the country where that style of rug originated.

Rug Classification

Common design classes of rugs are woven, hooked, braided, or prodding. Oriental rugs are usually considered a separate class due to the varieties of weaving patterns and the large numbers of countries that make and have made what are called oriental rugs.

Oriental Rugs
Oriental rugs come from as far west as Romania and Turkey to as far east as China. The pattern work and the thread count s well as the weave in oriental rugs indicates the country or the part of a country that an oriental rug comes from. Oriental rug designs vary from very geometric Arabic and Islam influenced rugs to highly decorated Chinese rugs. These rugs are often quite expensive and can be very old and are normally displayed as wall hangings and not used as rugs. Oriental rugs are usually hand knotted.

Proddies, also called clippies, stobbies, and clooties, originated in England and Scotland. Pieces of cloth or other fabric are forced (prodded) into the holes of burlap backing. The size of the material prodded and the pattern lets you know where the rug was made. These rugs were originally made for utilitarian purposes but are now considered the true works of art and craft they always have been. Color patterns, shapes, and styles of proddies are enormous.

Rag Rugs
Rag rugs are a mid-twentieth century variant of a proddie. Rag rugs are made with small scraps of material pushed into a backing of sacking. The variety of color patterns, shapes, sizes, and materials makes these rugs a collector’s item. Picture rugs of famous musicians, copies of old and new paintings and statues, and psychedelic patterns are common motifs.

Hooked Rugs
Hooked rugs are made by pulling thread, yarn, or fabric, through the openings in burlap, linen, monks cloth, or rug warp with a latch hook. This form of rug art originated in the northeast of the United States. Patterns are available with directions for the novice hooker. Original old work is extremely ornate and evinces the time and thought that people put into the design and execution of this art form.

Woven Rugs
Woven rugs come from every country in the world. Woven rugs can be handmade or made with one of the many kinds of looms. Woven rugs are also known as flat or pile rugs. The more tightly a rug is woven or knotted usually is an indication of durability, quality, and value. Woven rugs display an infinite variety of color and patterns.

Braided Rugs
Braided rugs are usually made of wool. Three or more strips of wool are woven together to form the center braid. The rug is expanded by adding new braids that are sewn to the center braid. The loose ends of the braids are either sewn together or covered with decorative cloth to present a neater design. Braided rugs are generally geometric patterns of varying color but can be almost any shape.

Rug making is an art. Women in majority are responsible for the variety of rug making forms and the development of the intricacy of pattern and design that makes rugs art.
Posted on Sep 29, 2013


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