Portable Generator vs. Standby Generator

Important Generator Facts

You can’t always plan for the unknown, but you can always be prepared. Natural disasters are not every day occurrences, but they do rear their ugly head from time to time. Being so dependent on electricity makes you even more at risk to potential inconvenience or devastation. In last year alone, there were more than 27 power outages that ravished the entire United Sates. During these power outages, millions of individuals were left without electricity. This common occurrence of power loss has led to the popularity of generators. Now consumer generators are available to residents looking to plan for power outages and make power attainable at all times even under the most desperate circumstances.

What Caused Power Outages in Recent Years

Minor power outages are common, but they often last minimal periods of time. However, major power outages effect millions and last for extended periods of time. In recent years the most ravaging power outages occurred due to Hurricane Irene and Super-storm Sandy. Hurricane Irene resulted in power loss for more than 9 million customers and Super-storm Sandy left more than 4 million homes without power. Other recent natural disasters include The Texas Blackouts and Eastern winter storms during 2011, which effected almost 3 million. These examples clearly show that major power outages do not discriminate on location and can effect anyone. A generator is the only way to be fully prepared for this type of disaster.

What Type of Generator?

Once you have decided that a generator is needed, you must now decide the type that fits your needs best. Portable generators are ideal for individuals looking for mobility and a less expensive price tag. This type of generator will only allow for limited run time and it can sometimes be dangerous in producing carbon monoxide. However a standby generator is professionally installed and will automatically turn on in the vent of a power outage. You never have to refuel your standby generator, because it is connected to your natural gas line. This gives you an extended run time that is not limited.

How Much Power is Required?

Choosing the right type of generator often means determining the amount of power that is needed. It is important to remember that both portable and standby generators are available in a variety of sizes and offer different amounts of power. If you choose a generator that is not powerful enough, you will not get the results you are looking for.
Posted on Mar 29, 2014


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