Preparing Your Home for a Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Home Preparation

Preparing Your Home for Any Natural Disasters

Natural disasters may, sometimes, bring unexpected results, making it necessary for people to know important tips on how their homes can be safe for any natural disasters. There are 4 kinds of natural disasters that hit USA and these are hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods and earthquakes. For every disaster there are necessary tips that you can do to secure your home and these are as follows:


Outdoor furniture should be brought in before the hurricane is spotted near the area. Garage doors should be reinforced, and make your siding and roof secured by durable straps. Installation of storm shutters or just using plywood to board up all your windows is also necessary to keep it protected throughout the hurricane.


Dry grass, leaves and shrubs that may cause and fuel fire should be kept at least 100-feet away from your home. Most importantly, ensure that every smoke detector in your home is working in its best condition.


Preparing a kit for emergency preparedness that contains everything that you need should always be ready so, that you can bring it easily whenever it is needed. Since tornadoes may destroy properties, it is essential that you have a fixed plan for evacuation purposes and communication plans, as well.


Find time to fasten all shelves to the wall studs and secure all heavy furniture to prevent any serious damages. Breakables and poisons should always be placed in hard to reach places and are latch shut to ensure its safety.


The first thing that you should do is to check whether your home is located in a flood prone area. If so, always turn of utilities immediately and put critical items in highest areas whenever there are flood reports to ensure safety

If Disaster Hits

Whenever there are disasters, damages cannot be prevented. This is where insurance policies are sure to be helpful for homeowners. It is necessary that your home is always insured to any possible natural disasters that may damage it and find out whether it is covered in your insurance. In this way, you are assured that you can always get something for repairing your home.

For the preparation of getting claims, it is necessary that you will take some pictures of your home before and after the hurricane to provide a proof of the damages done. Review the coverage of your policies and make sure that you will be covered by the payout policy as soon as the threat comes. Make sure that all insurance policies and other important documents are safe to prevent any problems in regards with lost files and documents. Keep all insurance policies, account numbers, and important contact numbers in a one-page document for safekeeping.

It is given that there are many disasters that affect all regions of USA alone, and finding important tips on preparing your home for natural disaster is also a way of saving you and your entire family from any risk of serious damages. Other than that, it is also necessary that homeowners are insured to make sure that they have something to cling on whenever their homes get damaged due to any natural disasters.
Posted on Jan 11, 2014


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