Property Management Marketing Ideas

Have you just accepted a position as a property manager? Are you beginning a new property management agency and you want to quickly establish a good reputation in your community with a lot of brand awareness? These property management ideas will help you take the first steps of that journey as soon as today.

It all begins with your ability to build relationships with people, whether that is prospective tenants or property owners. The best place to start that process is through social media. Facebook and Twitter are great for prospective tenants, while a presence on LinkedIn will get you in touch with a lot of property owners in your area. Be patient, let the trust build, and you'll get a quality brand in your community faster than you might think.

Get As Much Information As Possible

1. You've got to solve a problem for people in a specific way, which means you're going to need to find a niche that your community needs solved and isn't right now. Using surveys and just talking to people on the street over social media can help give you the information that you need.

Look For Sponsorship Opportunities

2. It's a world where backs need to be scratched first before you'll get any skin in the game, so look for strategic sponsorship opportunities that will increase your brand recognition and promote relationships. If several property owners have a softball team, consider sponsoring that team in some way. Create community events to help people network. Even sponsoring a local charitable event will attract attention for you.

Be Creative

3. To stand out, you must do something different than any other property management company in your community. Take a look at the marketing ideas that other agencies are using in your community and then design something that will be not only different than their methods, but better too.

Host Photo Opportunities

4. If the properties you do represent stand out in some way, then let them speak for themselves. Host a photo walk where people can take pictures, explore the properties, and maybe grab a free sandwich and a glass of lemonade. They'll have a good time and even if you don't get a rental lead, you'll create good brand recognition.

Create Partnerships With Local Employers

5. Many employers need assistance with employee relocation when they've secured a good new employee, so provide that help. Give a small discount to help encourage new employees with that agency to rent through your property management company and you'll have a sales funnel that will work passively on your behalf.

Host Live Broadcasts From Local Media

6. If you're really struggling to make a splash in your community, then sponsor a live broadcast from local radio or TV personalities. You'll get a lot of traffic headed your way because people will want to sign up for prizes or meet people and you'll gain a lot of exposure in return. This can be a bit expensive, but it could be the one thing you need to really kickstart your property management agency from the very start.
Posted on Jun 21, 2014


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