Real Estate Online Search Statistics and Trends

Real Estate Online Search Statistics and Trends

Searching for a Home Online

The face of home searching has changed thanks to the internet. 90% of people use the internet to perform home searches in the comfort of their home.

How Home Buyers Use the Internet

Buyers use search engines and general websites to make searches on homes. Through utilizing apps such as Google Maps online, they can see the exact location and view the street and surrounding areas to the prospected homes. Mobile applications are utilized to make browsing easier for buyers.

Google has seen a 253% growth in real estate related searches in the past four years. The average home buyers perform 11 searches before action is taken.

States with Highest Online Searches

1. Delaware
2. Louisiana
3. Mississippi
4. South Dakota
5. Wyoming

Top States for Vacation Home Searches

1. Florida
2. Ohio
3. Oregon
4. South Carolina
5. South Dakota

Average Time Searching before Agent is Contacted

40% of prospected home buyers waited 120 days before contacting an agent regarding their home searches online. 24% contacted an agent the same day.

Preferred Device

20% of real estate searches are done from mobile devices. 48% of buyers used online maps to get directions to homes for sale with 45% requesting more information on the home they located online. 16% of viewers watch a video about the home while 36% of buyers search while watching television.

Where Buyers are When Searching for Homes

77% of buyers preform online searches while at home. 31% search while at work with 28% spending their time looking at homes while standing in line. 27% do searches while at a restaurant with 26% of people spending their time looking while at other people’s homes.

Top Real Estate Sites – Averages more than 20 million unique visitors per month. – Averages more than 11 million visitors per month.

Most Frequently Searched Home Criteria

• Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
• Garages
• Square Footage
• Heating
• Swimming Pool
• Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

YouTube alone saw 118,000 searches preformed for “buying a home” and 88.4000 searches on “real estate agent” within a single fiscal quarter.
Posted on Jun 01, 2013


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