Reasons to Use Green Pest Control

Reasons to Use Green Pest Control

Go Green with Pest Control

There are 87 unintentional poisoning deaths daily with an additional 2,277 people who are treated in emergency departments. That totals almost 32,000 deaths and over 830,000 emergencies a year. More than 4 million calls are made annually to the poison control center. Using high toxicity poisons around children and pets are not safe. Green pest control methods are considered safer and offer organic options.

Over time of pesticides being used, more unwanted critters and insects are becoming immune to them. An example is bed bugs that were once almost eradicated but have not reached epidemic levels in New York City. Their resistances to traditional methods have built up against poisons. However, green based treatments are consistently found to be effective.

The use of high toxicity pesticides can become harmful to your surrounding environment. More than 98% of pesticides sprayed, spread into the soil, air, and water affecting both birds, fish, and people. Preforming a few simple changes around your yard can reduce pest levels such as the removal of firewood, bricks, and stacked objects away from the house and fence reducing harboring areas.

Cutting your grass regularly and keeping bushes and trees trimmed back more than 6 inches from the edge of the house prevents easy access to your home. Reducing the over watering of your yard will reduce water sources for pests. Ensure that all gaps, cracks, and other open spots to your home are secured. This will additionally help your energy bill as you will not have escaped air or heat during the peak seasons.

Important Areas to Treat:

• Treat where the bugs live, not where you live.
• Areas inside your wall voids.
• Cracks and crevices which become common feeding and nesting grounds.
• Under and behind appliances.
• Entry points to the home.

Pinpointing approaches used in pest control can eliminated the need for broadcasted treatment in your living space and decrease the amount of product needed and exposure to it.
Posted on Jun 21, 2013


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