How to Remove Red Wine Carpet Stains

How to Remove Red Wine Carpet Stains

Removing Those Annoying Stains From Your Carpet

Ask anyone who has had carpet in their house and they will tell you stains can be one of carpets biggest downsides. There are a few common place stains that tend to happen in a average household at one point or another and this article has a few pointers to try and help get those stains out.

Wine Stains

One of the most commonly occurring carpet stains is red wine. First you will probably want to try carpet shampoo or clothes stain remover as your line of defense. Remember before starting any type of remedy to gently blot up any excess liquid. After the majority of the liquid has been blotted up continue to clean with the cleaning products until the stain is gone. If the shampoo or stain remover fails to get it all out then try some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes then proceed to rinse the area with water.

Another common remedy for red wine stains is to use club soda. You will want to pour it over the stained area and hopefully the carbonation will help lift the stain and also help it from setting in the carpet. Remember to gently dab this up. And last but not least try some vinegar and laundry soap on the area. Let it soak for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Coffee Stains

One of the most hated carpet stains one can encounter is coffee. Not so bad if you have dark carpets, but horrible if you have light ones. A surprising remedy to try is beer. Pour some beer on the affected area and rub. This one may take a few tries to get the stain removed completely.

Shaving cream or a simple mild soap may also do the trick on coffee stains. Apply either of these using a cloth and spray with water to help remove and repeat as necessary to lift the stain entirely. Again vinegar and detergent can also help to do the trick here by applying and then blotting it up after rinsing with some water.

Food Stains

Food stains happen in almost any house, no one is perfect. First off you will want to discard any solid food matter before starting to remove the stain. Water and vinegar are a good go to here. Blot the stain with vinegar and rinse with warm water. Another route is to mix some baking soda and water and spray that on the area and wait to let it soak in and then blot it away with a cloth. Club soda can also be used here again, by pouring it directly on to the area and letting it soak and then dabbing it up.

Chewing Gum Stains

Chewing gum can be a nasty little guy to get out of the carpet. You have two routes, a hot route and a cold route. The cold route involves rubbing an ice cube over the area while in a bag of some sort, allow it to chill the gum for about a minute and slowly remove the gum. Afterwards you'll want to clean the area with a mild detergent. Now for the hot route. This involves using a hair dryer to heat up the area, but do not overheat the area otherwise you may burn the carpet. Then you will want to apply some peanut butter to remove the reside and follow that with a mild detergent.

Pet Stains

When pet stains are involved you will either want to use vinegar on a fresh urine stain to neutralize the odor, blot and let air dry. Or in the case of a little bit older stain apply some baking soda and let it do its thing for a while, then go over it with a vacuum. Bleach can be used for more caked in stains to help sanitize and get rid of any discoloration. While club soda can also be used but should be blotted up once it has stopped fizzing.

Blood Stains

And last but not least, blood. Hopefully you aren't getting too much blood on your carpets, but it's bound to happen occasionally. Cold water is one of the simplest ways to remove the stain, repeating as necessary. While hydrogen peroxide is another common route to go down when trying to get that unsightly stain out of your carpet.
Posted on Oct 05, 2013


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