Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas

The problem with moving into a rental apartment is that you can't really do any damage to the walls. If you read the terms and conditions of most leases today, you are going to be charged $100 per nail hole that isn't perfectly repaired. On the other hand, who wants to live with white walls that have become slightly yellowed with age? These decorating ideas will help you get most of your security deposit back, add some color to your living space, and provide you with the escape from the stresses of modern life that you deserve.

1. Color Doesn't Have to Be on the Wall

There are numerous ways to add pictures and other artwork to your home without using nails. If you have a mantle, then you have the perfect place to add some personal pictures. There are hooks that use residue to affix to the wall that can hold small pieces of artwork. Sofa tables can allow you to lean paintings up against your wall. These all add splashes of color and flair that your environment needs.

2. Think About Changing Some of the Fixtures

Many rental apartments require you to either maintain or improve the premises while you occupy it. By changing out the fixtures for better ones, you can improve the premises while you're living there and give the apartment so much needed life. Don't throw the old fixtures away. You can take your investment with you be installing the old fixtures once again when you move out. Not all leases allow this, however, so read the terms and conditions carefully.

3. Decorate Through the Use of Furniture

White walls suddenly don't seem so important if you have great furniture occupying a room. One of the best additions you can make is actually a book case. Think about it: books come in many different colors, plus they communicate that you don't mind an interesting discussion about literature. That's a win/win situation.

4. Rugs Aren't Just for the Hardwood Floors

If you really want to add a splash of color, then you can get a room-sized rug for about $100 from a wide variety of retailers today and place it in your apartment. People won't be focused on the walls when you have an amazing rug greeting them as they come into your home. Rugs can work on carpet just as well as a hardwood floor, so any apartment can benefit from this decorating idea.

5. Add Freshness by Providing Foliage, Flowers, and Other Living Additions

People won't notice a plain wall if you've filled your apartment with living additions, such as potted plants or a vase with a beautiful flower arrangement. This decorating option requires a higher level of care and potentially a green thumb, but when successfully accomplished, can add a level of freshness to your apartment that will naturally attract guests.

6. Give Each Room a Different Theme

If you don't have the option to provide the walls with some variety, then give each room a different theme so you can have some variety. Themes can be traditional, modern, or based on your favorite Disney movie if you wish. Consider adding posters to the wall because you can use tape or putty to affix them instead of nails. Fill each room with pieces that compliment the overall theme, such as a 19th century hutch or an inflatable Frozen chair. It's a great way to show off your personality and give your apartment a little extra charm.

7. Ask Your Landlord for Permission to Paint

Many landlords would love to paint their apartments, but don't have the time to get the job done. You can't just paint an accent wall yourself, but you could ask permission to do so. One wall will typically cost you about $25 in paint, a few extra dollars in rollers, painter's tape, and floor protectors, and an afternoon of work. You'll get the better interior you want and the building owners gets a more valuable apartment to rent out in the future.

8. Add Some Light to Your Living Space

Most apartments have overhead lights that come standard. You can switch up your interior by adding some lamps that shine some extra light into the room when you want or need it. You might even decide that you like the lamps more than you like the overhead fixtures. These rental apartment decorating ideas are easy to implement, cost-effective, and will create a great living space. Use them today to create your oasis.

Posted on Feb 09, 2015


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