How Repairing a Broken Appliance Can Save Lives

How Repairing a Broken Appliance Can Save Lives

Why Should You Repair Appliances

One of the major causes of fires are damaged or malfunctioning appliances, making it a reason why homeowners should repair appliances once they notice that there is something wrong with their appliances. It is necessary that people will think about how they can prevent accidents such as fires from happening to make sure that they will not put the lives of their family at risk.

Common Problems and Risks

It is given that from 2pm till 8pm air conditioning units are set at its maximum strength. This is also the time range of most fires that occur in any places. Due to the length of time used in letting appliances like air conditioning units run maximum strength, this situation comprises the 86% of fires happening in different places due to mechanical failure or malfunctions. It is reported that ½ of that percentage resulted from incidents of short circuits.

In residential areas, 55% of various wall air conditioning units are the main cause of fire. This only means that the simple process of cooling a part of your house and making everyone feel comfortable may start a fire. Due to these things in mind, homeowners should be aware that they have a great responsibility in saving the lives of every person who are also residing in your place.

Prevent Your Appliances from Breaking

To prevent such fires from happening, being able to repair appliances regularly will help in the prevention of causing any cases of fire. It is necessary that homeowners are able to check every cooling unit that they have for any broken parts. Aside from broken parts, it is also essential that homeowners will also check for any exposed wirings that may cause short circuits when it would come in contact with any form of liquid substance or water from its machine. To check and repair appliances such as AC units is necessary especially during summer days wherein such units are used most of the times.

The general cost to repair appliances such as AC units would range from $100 to $300. An annual maintenance checkup would not be bad and is a very worthy investment, instead of causing fire due to neglect of your responsibility. This amount is sure to be very worthy not only for your money and time since you will have to pay for this amount once every year.

Out of 67% of homes where air conditioners are installed, the amount of energy consumed by such appliances is really big. Say, for example, within a year, the energy consumption of an air conditioning is 5%. This 5% is worth $11 billion from your entire electrical expenses. This only means that the excess use of AC may cost you more than billion within a year.

Since it is given that there are many homes with air conditioning units, to maintain and repair appliances accordingly is sure to help them prevent any incidents of dire. Along with repair and maintenance, inspecting cooling units routinely will make you aware of its condition. Make sure that you have installed working smoke alarms around your home, to ensure that fires caused by such appliances will not grow and affect other people residing near your area, as well.
Posted on Jan 14, 2014


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