When to Replace a Furnace

When to Replace a Furnace

Signs That You Have To Repair or Replace Your Furnace

Furnace is important in keeping your home’s warmth, and learning to observe about certain signs on when you should repair or replace it is sure to be an advantage for you. It is necessary that you are aware of such things to make sure that you know when you just need to repair your furnace or replacement is needed badly.

5 Signs Telling You That You Need To Repair or Replace Your Furnace

The following are signs that you should observe to know that your furnace needs the expert touch of a professional furnace repair technician:

1. Strange noises from the furnace though you have not used it long enough.
You are starting to hear strange noises from the furnace even if you have only used it for several years. It should last for a maximum of 15 years and hearing noises is a sign that you should let a technician look at it.

2. It does not stay on.
When this happens, it is best that you contact an expert since there may be faulty wiring inside it, unlit pilot light or the thermostat can be broken.

3. Have not repaired it with continued use.
Maintenance is always important, so, when you are using it continuously and notice different things happening call a technician to start repairing it.

4. Leaking water and condensation inside the windows.
These are things that should not be ignored, once you have noticed these unusual things happening, it is best that you contact the nearest furnace technician in your area to have it checked.

5. Air is becoming too dry and is not able to heat up the house.
Asthma attack that is getting worse is a sign that air in your home is dry, which means that it is not able to humidify the air and does not heat up the house properly. Call your trusted furnace technician to settle this.

Replace When The Furnace Shows These Signs

Aside from these signs that only need an expert repairman to fix its problems the following are some of the things that can tell you that your furnace needs a replacement badly:

• It has lasted for many years in your home and used it for a long time now.
• Keeps on turning off and on several times within an hour.
• Repairs have been done several times, yet to no avail, furnace does not work as it does before.
• In a stage that may emit dangerous chemical.
• Utility bills increased drastically, due to excessive use of furnace that does not keep house warm and only keeps the air dusty and always dry.

With these signs, you are assured that you will know whether you need to repair or replace your furnace immediately.

Preventative Care

To prevent getting repair or replace problems with your furnace, it is best that you will also have the air filters replaced in a span of 2 months, the oil in the motor replaced every season, vents are cleared and cleaned regularly and furnace cleared from any debris. In these ways, you are assured that you can make use of your furnace longer than what you have expected.
Posted on Dec 13, 2013


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