Running an Air Conditioner on Solar Power

Decreasing Costs of Air Conditioning

Running Full Blast AC without the Need to Pay for It

Increased numbers of Americans are now using air conditioning, but it does not necessarily mean that their power bill tends to lower down. If you will take a look closely, you will notice that many individuals are utilizing air conditioning these days as compared before. Based on records, about 27% of individuals use air conditioning in 1980, and percentage of users significantly rise to 55% in 2001. This is evident in South and Midwest.

Historic Trends

The households in West, Midwest, North and South with air conditioning system were carefully analyzed. It can be observed that there is an evident increase from 1978, 1987 and 1997. In West area, 14% of households use air conditioning in 1978 until it reaches 24% in 1987 and about 28% in 1997. In Midwest are, 25% of households have central AC in 1978, 32% in 1987, and 51% IN 1997. In the Northeast location, about 9% of households have air conditioning in 1978, 16% in 1987, and 22% in 1997. In the Southern area, households with AC are 37% in 1978, 52% in 1987, and 70% in 1997. This only indicates that many individuals are using lots of electricity over time. The breakdown of household power consumption recorded in 2001 is as follows:

• Kitchen Appliances-27%
• Air Conditioning-16%
• Space Heating-10%
• Water Heating-9%
• Lighting-9%
• Home Electronics-7%
• Laundry Appliances-7%
• HVAC Appliances-5%
• Other Equipment-2%
• Other End Consumption-8%

A poll was recently conducted to determine how the number of households utilizing air conditioning these days be it solar power or grid power. It was found out that in 87% of homeowners, 13% of these are renters, 38% have central air, 36% have air conditioning unit and 12% owns a unit. Out of the 87%, 64% utilize grid power for residential electricity while 36% utilize solar power for residential electricity.

Impact on Costs

Air conditioning system surely raises the electricity bill for about more than 50% per month and 20% of homeowners having grid powers and 9% with solar powers agree to this. During hotter months , 44% homeowners uses air conditioning daily, 18% uses AC few days per week on a here and there basis, 22% air conditioning rarely per month and 18% never uses AC.

About 10% of the poll takers revealed that they do not use AC at all due to the following reasons which are held in a descending order:

• It is not hot on their location.
• It is not environment-friendly.
• It is costly.
• It is not natural and many prefers heat.

The rise in air conditioning system is evident these days, but it is just fair to say that not all homeowners are into this. As you can see, the percentage of homeowners who have AC unit and those who do not have vary depending on many factors. Generally speaking, it would be best to use AC if deemed necessary to cut the cost of your power bills. In such way you will be paying less.
Posted on Jan 03, 2014


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