How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Why There is a Need to Conserve Water?

Water is the most essential thing people need to have.

People need water in order to live since it is their drinking source. Water is very useful in various types of activities not only at home but anywhere as long as there are people.

To the extent that it is very important people need to take necessary actions on how they are going to conserve water and avoid too much wastage of it.

How Much Water Do You Waste?

Are you familiar as to the quantity of water in your houses which are being wasted?

People are seen to be wasting water since they are not aware of what the reason behind conserving water at home is and why there is a need for you to stop wasting too much water at home.

People need to conserve water not just to lessen their water expenses but to show how important it to you.

Fresh water is considered to be one of the renewable resources, hence giving the people clean and fresh water for their everyday used.

Water Resources

To the extent that people are wasting it, fresh water is already been notice that is continuously decreasing that it can no longer be replenished.How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

In salt water only 1% of the entire water of the world can be useful and fitted for human consumption which is the fresh water.

Even if the earth comprises 70% of water but not all of them cannot be considered to be the source of water consumption since it occupies wide range of salt water which is 97% giving just 3% of fresh water and the other 66% was for frozen glaciers and ice in the polar region.

In totality, only 1% of water can be left for people for their own consumption.

Decreasing Consumption

In the United States about 95% of their population goes down since they are seen to be consuming and wasting quantity of water.

A US family has an average of 146,000 gallons of consumed water per year.

If you are going to figure out everything and try to track down their consumption it is almost 127% and more.

Hence to at least lessen the burden of the people as well as to conserve water they are able to make a low flow to their appliances which means that they making use of the water properly.

They are turning off the faucets and other water system appliances when not in used.

In this way they are not just conserving water but also decreasing their expenses.

Low flow processes that are being practiced by the US people include lowering the normal quantity of water they are consuming.

If a normal faucet will be used consuming 4,000 gallon per year then it would now be lowered to 3,000 gallon.

If a washing machine will consume 5,000 gallon per year it will now be 3,000 gallon as well as if you are going to use shower which consumes 19,000 gallon per year it would be decrease to 7,000 gallon.

For normal water consumption in the toilet which ranges from 33,000 gallon per year it will now be at 9,000 gallon only.

This would also be helpful in saving your money at the same time you are using water properly.

Results of Water Preservation

If you are going to compute for the consumption of the US households who are already been practicing the low flow process, you will eventually see that 5.4 million of gallons per day can be conserved which is a manifestation that people can saved as much as $11.3 million with their expenses.

And for about a year this can already be 2 trillion of gallons save worth for saving $4 billion for all their water expenses.

So, if you want to lessen your water expenses and you wanted to give importance to water, make sure that you already know how to conserve water. Be responsible and bear in mind that you need to conserve water for future use.

Posted on Dec 17, 2013


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