The Shapes and Sizes of Shower Enclosures

The Shapes and Sizes of Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures: Space Savers For Modern Homes

The modern home is characterized as a system of technological advances mixed with appeal and class. No part of the home is judged more than the bathroom. This is a room that is frequently used by occupants and guest.

Make Your Choice

When planning a bathroom installation project choosing to install a shower instead of a tub is a cost and space saver. Considering 1 bath requires 40-50 gallons of water and a 14 minute shower uses 30 gallons of water. Choosing a shower enclosure can significantly improve your energy efficiency and reduce monthly cost. In addition, choosing a trendsetting shower design can significantly enhance the look of your bathroom.

Different Shower Enclosures

When embarking on the installation of a shower in any size bathroom a good understanding of your options will help make a confident choice. Let's review the various shower enclosures that can save money and make your bathroom look great.

The traditional square shower is a great space saver for small and large bathrooms. The shower can be placed relatively easy based on your cosmetic needs. The inherent convenience of the square design gives you the ability to install it with one, two or three shower sides exposed.

The style of the shower door is also important. The door can function as a center piece that adds character to your bathroom. Glass shower doors are visually appealing and have a reputation of making bathrooms appear larger.

If a bathtub is a “must have”, then a rectangular shower is a great option. The user can take a bath or take a shower and still benefit from the reduced utility cost the shower provides.

Another enclosure design is the quadrant shower. This enclosure fits into a square corner with two right angles. The part of the shower (including the door) that faces the room is round and contributes to the uniqueness of the design and offers additional space in the shower area.

D-shaped showers can easily become a conversation piece and provide more space than a quadrant shower. The three sides of this enclosure are exposed with its straight side against the wall. When planning for the installation of this design the proximity of other fixtures need to be factored. All three sides of the shower should be unobstructed from anything in the bathroom including toilets and sinks.

Shower Doors

The importance of shower doors is worth revisiting. The most popular style of door is probably the pivot door. The pivot door opens up into the bathroom and is typically designed into a square shower or a rectangle shower used in conjunction with side panels.

A novel space saver is the in-fold shower door. This style of door consists of two panels that slide along a track connected in the middle by a hinge. When the shower door is open the panels fold in-toward the shower area. When the door is closed the panels are flat and taut side by side virtually locked. It's a great alternative to the pivot door if space outside of the shower is limited.

Sliding doors are another space saver with two panels (one permanently in front of the other) that slide horizontally on two separate lanes divided on a single track. When the shower door is open one panel slides behind the other. When the shower is closed each panel is pushed to the edge opposite of each other. This creates an enclosed rectangle in the shower area. This style is a better space saver than the pivot door and in-fold door as it does not occupy any space inside or out of the shower. Keep in mind that sliding doors are not a good match for small square showers.


Installing a shower enclosure is a good choice considering the range of options they provide. In addition to presenting a contemporary look shower enclosures enhance child safety. The rectangle shower for example can keep bath water confined to the tub preventing the bathroom floor from getting dangerously wet when a child takes a bath. This safety concept is presumably one of multiple reasons why 60% of new homes are built with one or more enclosed showers.

When planning the installation of your shower measure precisely the area it will occupy. Don't overlook measuring the height of the unit.

When selecting the style of doors consider convenience and safety.
Posted on Oct 15, 2013


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