Significant Points of the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Not knowing the laws which govern over the landlord and tenant relationship can put you at a disadvantage should trouble arise.

Here are the significant points of the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act for you to consider so that you can be informed.

1. There Are Security Deposit Limits.

Landlords who do not allow pets on a rental property are limited to a security deposit equal to one month of rent.

Landlords who provide a furnished rental unit or do allow pets are permitted to charge an additional one-half of one month's rent.

2. Landlords Have 30 Days To Return a Security Deposit.

There is also a stipulation which requires a landlord to return a deposit 14 days after they have determined the amount of withholding that is required. If either deadline is not met, the tenant may be able to sue for any withholding plus damages to recover the cost.

3. Tenants Can Terminate a Lease.

If a landlord is not providing essential services, which include water and heat, then a tenant is permitted to terminate their rental agreement with a 30 day written notice.

This notice must include a 14 day option for the landlord to resolve the issue.

Tenants in Kansas are not covered by a statute which permits withholding rent to make repairs.

4. There Are Two Different Nonpayment Of Rent Notices.

If a tenancy is shorter than 3 months, then a landlord is permitted to give their tenant a 3 day written notice to pay or quit.

If the tenancy is longer than 3 months, then it must be a 10 day notice.

5. Retaliation Is Assumed After a Tenant Takes Action On Their Rights.

Unless there is good cause, a landlord which raises the rent or decreases services after a tenant has made a complaint is assumed to be retaliating.

6. There Must Be a Lead Paint Disclosure.

A landlord must disclose all known lead paint hazards and provide an information pamphlet about lead-based paint to every tenant.

These significant points cover the most commonly asked questions about the Kansas Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

For more answers, please review the appropriate articles in the state code or speak with a legal professional about what your rights may be.

Posted on Mar 29, 2016


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