Simple Guide to Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Simple Guide to Energy Efficient Window Coverings

How Windows Can Help You Save

The windows of your home can actually help you save a lot of money as long as you know how to use them right. Using windows are just more than for decorating and looking outside. You can open them to let fresh air in and cool your house down instead of always turning on the air conditioner. If your windows are proper insulated and sealed they can help keep the heat in when it is cold out as well.

Read the Labels

You can find a lot of information about how to use your windows correctly from the label it has on it. First of all check the label for the U factor. The U factor is how much insulation it has and how energy efficient your windows are. Basically the insulation rating and transfer of heat. The ideal value comes in between .25 and 1.25, the lower the number the more energy efficient it is, however you do not want it to low. Next, checkout the SHGC or the solar heat gain coefficient. This is the rating of solar rays your windows block. The rating should come between .25 and .80. The lower the SHGC the lower cooling bill you will have. Then you need to look at the air leakage or AL. This will tell you how much air flow they stop. Most building codes require a score of at least .3. The lower the AL, the higher the efficiency.

Is Replacement a Better Option?

Replacing windows can actually save a lot of money in the end. Each region will have a different level of saving when it comes to saving money. People in the South Atlantic region will save about $446 a year when replacing their single pane windows with new windows. Middle Atlantic individuals will save about $424 a year when replacing their windows with new ones. People in the New England region will save about $465 a year when replacing their windows. The great Lakes or Northern Region will save about $377 a year if they replace their single pane windows. And lastly the people in the Northwest will save about $460 a year if their windows are replaced. That is a lot of savings no matter where you live. Imagine what you could buy with savings like that.

Saving Money

People in the South Atlantic can buy things like a 4 day vacation to Myrtle Beach and Redskin football tickets. People in the Middle Atlantic can buy things like tickets to Broadway and Knick's tickets. People in the New England are can buy things like Boston Harbor lunch tickets for a large group and a few nights in a Cape Cod Hotel. People in the Great Lakes Region or North Central Region can buy things like University of Michigan football tickets and A LOT of tickets to a museum. Or People in the Northwest region can buy things like a few nights and dinner at the Seattle's Sky City Space Needle.
Posted on Dec 25, 2013


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