Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

How To Live Big In Tiny Places

With apartments and houses getting smaller now a days it is key to learn how to live the big style you like in these such small spaces. Recently legislation just passed that apartments can be as small as 220 square feet.

Small Kitchens

Let us start with small kitchens. Small kitchens can be a pain to try to cook even a can of soup in but there are certain things you can do to open up as much space as possible. If you are limited in counter space try using mountable appliances to keep counter space open. You can find things like microwaves that can be mounted up underneath cabinets or coffee pots that can be mounted made by Black and Decker. Another great way to save space is use drawer or cabinet organizers. Also you can find foldable tables and chairs to set up so you can sit down for a nice family meal but put away when not being used. To maximize storage you can also hang baskets on your walls, serving as a decoration while being functional for a win-win.


Now for the small cramped bathroom. Bathrooms are used for many things even a place to escape and relax so the last thing you want in a bathroom is hastiness and chaos. Purchases like the organizers that go over the toilets will help give you storage that is out of the way, plus they look pretty cool. And keeping your toiletries and linens stored instead of out on display will open up more space in that small bathroom.


Say you are battling with a small bedroom and no matter how you arrange your furniture it just does not fit. The bedroom that lacks in space can be opened up as well. Loft beds are a good way to go if they work for your situation. It opens up more floor space but you still have you cozy bed. When it comes to dressers try tall instead of wide. You get the storage without giving up the space.

Living Room

Opening up that living room to make it spacious is key. Your living room is the one room that everyone that enters your home will see and be in, you do not want things falling on them or them falling all over your things. No one likes a cramped living room. Purchases like convertible sofas can give you the seating you need during the day and the bed you need at night. Also try to find pieces like ottomans, coffee tables, or end tables that also double as storage.

Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Tips that will work throughout your whole apartment are things like using those walls in a smart way. Add book cases or hanging baskets items like that that can be pretty and decorative but have a purpose at the same time. Book cases will store a bunch of your items in a cool way and not take up much floor space. Something like books and DVDs can be displayed instead of tucked away to save storage for things you would rather not have displayed. Also using wall hooks to hang things or shelves to display and store your items.
Posted on Dec 29, 2013


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