Summary of Alaska Renters Rights

Some of the landlord-tenant laws in Alaska give landlords an advantage in the eviction process, especially if there is $400+ in damage to a rental property.

There are also certain advantages to the tenant within the scope of the law as well.

Here is a summary of Alaska renters rights.

1. Landlords May Charge Up To $4,000 In Security Deposits.

Alaska law allows a landlord to charge a security deposit equal to 2x the monthly rent, up to $4,000.

This deposit must be returned to the tenant within 14 days after moving out of a rental unit if proper notice was given.

If notice was not given, then landlords have 30 days to return the deposit.

2. Tenants Are Required To Receive Notice.

Landlords must give tenants 7 days to pay their rent if it is past due.

Criminal actions or failing to pay the utilities requires a 5 day notice.

All other lease violations require a 10 day notice for a first offense.

Second offense notices within 6 months require just 5 days.

If more than $400 in property damage has occurred to a rental unit, then a 24 hour notice is required.

3. Tenants May Repair And Deduct For Habitability Issues.

If essential services are not provided, then tenants may make repairs and deduct from the cost of the next month's rent.

Written notice to the landlord to repair the issue must occur first.

Tenants may also secure alternative housing or sue for damages.

4. Landlords Must Give 24 Hours Notice For Entry.

Tenants must also be given a reasonable time that is mutually convenient if at all possible.

Landlords can only enter with the tenant's consent even with notice, but tenants are not allowed to unreasonably refuse access.

The only exception to this rule is if there is an emergency situation or the tenant has been gone from the property for more than 7 days.

5. No One Can Be Locked Out.

Landlords and tenants are required to have all keys to a property.

Neither party is allowed to be locked out.

Tenants may change or add locks with permission, but must give the landlord any new keys.

This quick summary of Alaska renters rights is intended to answer the most common questions that come from tenants and landlords.

For your specific question, be sure to consult with Alaska's governing landlord-tenant laws.

Posted on Sep 29, 2015


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