Tenancy Sufferance and Tenancy Lease Agreements Myths and Facts


There are a whole bunch of myths about lease agreements that most people believe that are simply not true:

You can't rent a property without lease agreement – Actually there are laws in every state govern what happens if a property is rented without a lease. It's better to have one so everyone know the rules, but otherwise there is a law that covers it.

Renewal just happens after a lease expires – Not true. Unless it is written in the lease, the state laws will take over and your end up in a month-to-month tenancy.

You have to renew a lease if you stay the whole time – Nope. In fact, once your lease expires, you can go.

Lease agreements have to be at least 6 months – A lease agreement can be for an hour or 99 years, but there is not a mandatory period of time.

Only leasing agents can write lease agreements – Actually, you can find standard lease agreements online or buy them at a stationary store.

You need to be a lawyer or real estate agent to sign a lease agreement – Again, the lease agreements that you can find or buy are simply “fill in the blank” type documents. It's really that easy. Most were written by lawyers in the first place to be fairly generic.

As long as everybody signs it, it's legal in a lease – Actually, there are lots of rules that govern rents and stuff. If it violates the landlord-tenant act, it isn't legal or enforceable. The same goes for anything that violates peoples' civil rights, etc. It doesn't matter that it was signed; if it's not legal, it's not legal.

Knowing what you can and cannot do in a lease can make the process easier. And will keep fast talking people from taking advantage of you. These are just a few of the tenancy sufferance and tenancy lease agreement myths and facts that every landlord needs to know.
Posted on Mar 15, 2013


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