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Tenants with Pets and Friendly Tenant Pet Agreements


With summer being one of the hottest times of the year for bringing home a furry new pal, both current and soon-to-be pet owners will find some comfort from the recent Apartments.com survey findings, revealing an increasing trend in the number of apartments that allow pets. Results also include the most popular pets among apartment dwellers, the average cost of a pet policy and much more.

The three states with the highest renters’ pet ownership are Texas, California and Florida. The remaining states in the top 20 are scattered around the country. Missing from the list are far Northern states in New England and the High Plains and Mountain states like Utah, Montana and the Dakotas. This might be caused by the necessity to bring dogs outside. The extremely cold winters might causes renters in these areas to avoid having dogs.

The Details of Apartment Pet Ownership

Just over 43% of renters own pets. Of those, 35% own small dogs and 24% own cats. Large and medium dogs and other pets fill out the types of animals that live in apartments.

Of course, it would be natural that small dogs and cats would be the choice for apartment dwellers, but it might surprise people to learn that dogs out number cats, as dogs need to be taken out of the house several times per day.

Nearly 60% of apartment complexes where renters answered the survey allow pets. About fourteen percent of apartments do not allow pets. A remaining 27% of respondents didn’t know if there apartment complex allows pets or not.

The vast majority of people, nearly 70% said that they didn’t have trouble finding an apartment with a pet. Of those, over thirty-five percent were asked for a deposit of $200 or more. Twenty-one percent were asked for $50 to $100.

What does all of this mean to property managers?

Pet ownership is standard among renters. In fact, to help ensure that your occupancy stays high, it may be a requirement that you allow pets.

Deposits are the norm as well, with anywhere from $50 to over $200 being the norm. A refundable deposit is not an unreasonable request. While this survey does not include those who were asked for non-refundable deposits, the easy availability of pet-friendly apartments would probably prohibit such a move.

Apartments allowing pets are extremely common, so disallowing them might be done at an owner’s peril.
Posted on May 13, 2013


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