The Different Types of Chandeliers

The Different Types of Chandeliers

How to Use Chandeliers in your Home

Chandeliers are most often or not something that is associated with the upper class, resembling a form of sophistication. However, chandeliers were originally used as a function way to provide indoor lighting. The earliest chandeliers can be found during the medieval times, created from candles and wooden crosses with spikes. These were hoisted up and secured with rope or chain.

The world’s largest Bohemian Crystal Chandelier can be found in Dolmabahce Palace located in Istanbul. Originally a gift from Queen Victoria, it weighs 4.5 tons and has 750 lamps. The Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles has 17 large chandeliers and 26 small ones, made of solid silver and hosting 1,000 candles. If considering adding a chandelier into your own home, here is an outline to the different types and benefits of adorning your home with these functional, yet classy pieces.

Types of Chandeliers

• Crystal – These are commonly found located in Churches, Palaces, Luxury Hotels, Banquet Halls, or Luxury Ships. They are matched within a large setting.
• Glass – A good alternative to Crystal chandeliers and functional for small room settings.
• Metal – Less expensive than Crystal and Glass chandeliers and highly durable.

Benefits of Using Crystal Chandeliers

These beautiful pieces are known for adding elegance to your home. They accentuate the ceiling within your dining and living spaces. These fixtures are also known for being very durable, keeping in mind that Crystal does not fade easily over a period of time.

Chandeliers are also very easy to clean and maintain. You can also save on your utility bills be saving electricity as Crystals produce a brighter illumination from lesser light bulbs.

7 Steps to Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier

1. Dust the crystal chandelier.
2. Disassemble the crystals.
3. Make a diagram for the location of the crystals.
4. Take each crystal and wipe with damp chamois.
5. Use lukewarm water, small amounts of white vinegar and washing liquid to add shine and remove grime.
6. Dry the crystals right away to prevent smearing.
7. Wipe bulks when cool with dry material.

Tip to Buying Chandeliers

Before purchasing a chandelier, consider the following below factors.

• The correct height needed to avoid glare.
• Stick to a classic design style.
• The fixture should blend with the mood and style of surrounding wall sconces, furniture, wallpaper, and other décor.
• Choose the right light bulks for the wanted flicker.
• Consider the weight of the chandelier and what is needed to mount it.
Posted on Jun 25, 2013


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