Three Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2014

Kitchen Appliance Trends 2014

Smart Appliances That Can Be Used for Smart Home Spending

Based on the facts for home spending within 2012, home remodeling has increased 13% from April to June and it is projected that through 2015, expenditures for home renovations would increase a maximum of 3.5% per year. Since there are many smart appliances that are out in the market, there are many people who opt to get these appliances not only for its function but also for the convenience that it provides.

Top Appliance Picks

There are various smart appliances that are used mostly in kitchens to ensure that homeowners will have a convenient time using the kitchen and the appliances without occupying too much space. Most homeowners would choose getting wine storing units installed in any kitchen cabinet and is sure to save space for those with apartments lacking with space. Those who love cooking also prefer to get microwave drawer and steam ovens installed flat on any wall for saving enough space in the kitchen. Aside from convenience, these kinds of appliances are also use in proper home spending since these are cost effective since it is energy saving.

Spending Statistics

As people opt to the installation of such smart appliances, the rate of remodeling is projected to increase for about 9.2% or a total of $125.1 billion. Though there is an increase with the remodeling, years 2007, 2008 and 2009 shows that the rate of home spending had fallen, which made it hit for as low as $112 billion. The remodeling demand has foreseen to increase as new owners with discounted or foreclosed properties are choosing to get windows that are energy efficient and try certain modifications to increase the worth of their home.

Market Outlook for Kitchen Remodels

It is given that there are many people who are unemployed, but it is slowly improving since the rates for unemployment has fallen 8.9%. There are many areas where labor workers are needed and the increase in people needing remodeling and renovation jobs, home improvement retailers are able to provide jobs for people. This only means that as the renovation and remodeling rates are increasing, stores where home improvement materials and smart appliances are released are hiring more people.

It is sure to be a smart way of home spending since people who want their homes to be renovated are not the only ones who benefit for the job but also the labor workers who do the entire job. Homeowners are able to get smart appliances that are space savers and energy efficient and at the same time, providing jobs for people who are unemployed.

Though there are problems in regards with the meeting the various home spending needs, people are still able to find ways on how they can make their lives as happy as possible and make it possible to spend on things that they want whenever they want to.

For people who find it difficult to find work, there are always home improvement stores that are looking for capable workers to work for them. With the increasing budget that people allot for home spending whenever they want to remodel or renovate their home, home improvement stores are always looking for workers who can assist them for their clients.
Posted on Jan 12, 2014


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