What is Your Tile Personality

Tile Personality

How Tile Material, Color and Designs Talks about One’s Personality

When it comes to identifying the personality of a particular person or a family, the architectural design may, somehow, affect the way people can describe every person living in a particular house. One of the particular parts of the house that allows people to describe the people living in a house is tiles. It is said that every material, style and color that are used for tiles can tell the personality of a person living in a house. Tiles do not only help in brightening up a place in a house but is also a part of the house that determines the personality of people residing in the place.

What Does Tile Material Tells About Your Personality?

One of the popular materials that are used for tiles are metals, and this material shows the sleekness, seriousness, functionality and sophistication of a person. This is the tile material used in houses of people in high social status. Stone tiles are those that are used by people who have humility, understated and warm. It also shows a timeless aspect in the house since stone tiles are known to be traditional for some. Glass tiles are the ones used by modernized people, open-minded, easygoing and clean. For those who are adventurous, unpredictable, fun and outgoing, exotic tiles are the ones that they love to add in their homes.

Tile Colors Can Say Something about Your Personality

Aside from materials used, colors also have something to say about one’s personality. Blue colored tiles are chosen by people whose personality shows breeziness, calmness and serenity. Those who want green colored ones are sure to be energetic, dynamic, invigorating and always seem to be fresh. Black is for those who are intense, attention-grabber, dramatic and at the same time luxurious. Those who are daring, artful, lively and fun are sure to love the sight of multi-colored tiles in different parts of their house.

How Tile Design Describes your Personality

Those people who have a masculine personality, organized, no-nonsense and efficient would love subway tiles always in their doorway. Patterns that are circular mosaic are chosen by people who are fun to be with, unconventional, lively and bubbly. Those who like patterned tiles are suited for those people with deep, complex, multi-faceted and creative personalities. On the other hand, ornamental styles are those that are chosen by well-traveled people, love luxurious things, artful in some ways and are refined.

People who are opting to add tiles in their homes can place it in their kitchen counter as backsplash to show that people using it are organized, productive, practical and neat. There are also those that use tiles as wall accents in their bathroom. This will show playful and whimsical personality yet gives a sense of relaxation and at the same time practical.

With all of these things in mind, people can say that by choosing the color, styles and materials used with their tiles, other people can describe the personality that they have. Furthermore, it can also show how creative and are open people are when it comes to designing their home according to their personality.
Posted on Jan 09, 2014


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