Time of Day Home Burglary Statistics

Time of Day Home Burglary Statistics

Protect Your Home From Burglary

This article will discuss how to protect your home from theft and burglaries. Burglary is considered as one of the easiest crimes to prevent since it is committed in just 15 seconds. It commonly happens in a vacant property or in your home. This is a kind of crime that has a greater impact to you and to your family when it comes to well being and safety. With the help of the latest technology, you have the opportunity to use home security devices in order to prevent this unlawful activity.

The first thing that thief does in choosing a house to break in is a place that is unoccupied or with no one in it. According to research, the burglary time rate is between 9am to 3pm when there is no one at home. 65 percent of this crime occurs during the day and 35 percent at night.

12 Tips to Prevent Burglaries

In order for you to prevent burglaries in your home, consider these following tips.

1. Use an automatic light timer in your house.
2. Never leave windows and doors unlocked.
3. Use a solid metal door with a high quality deadbolt lock.
4. Your windows must be attached to a home security alarm with an impact resistant film.
5. Use outside security lighting in order to illuminate the access door.
6. Use motion detectors in your yard and driveway.
7. Install a home security alarm device in order for the burglar to get caught.
8. Consider using a glass break sensor in order to easily detect the sound waves if someone is attempting to enter your house.
9. Get to know your neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on your house while you are away.
10. Make your home difficult to break in and look like occupied.
11. Don’t allow newspapers and mails to build up while you are away.
12. Install cameras throughout your home in order to easily identify if there is someone who is attempting to enter your property.

The alarm system is one of the excellent forms of home security since it will provide you with peace of mind especially when you are on a vacation or while at work. You can check a variety of alarm systems online that you will truly love. If you already have an alarm system in your home, continue the use of service in order to lessen the amount of crime in the society. Dogs are also one of the best deterrents to burglars. A noisy dog can be the effective one.

Consider the Location for Your Home Security

It is also important to pick a location of your house with complete home security and alarming device that can be very useful in order to prevent burglars from attacking your place. The modern society is very prone to unlawful activity, but with the presence of the latest technology, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your home. As a homeowner, you also need to be alert and make sure to apply preventive action ahead of time. It is important to protect your family and property from theft than to make it as your biggest regret in life.
Posted on Dec 22, 2013


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