When is It Time to Replace Your Roof

When is It Time to Replace Your Roof

How To Assess Whether Your Roof Needs Replacement

Ever wonder when it’s time to replace your roof.

Don’t wait until the last minute and have weather conditions including snow, rain, hail, or sleet ruin the inside of your home.

Begin to protect your home now by regularly looking for the signs associated with damaged roofs.

Let’s take an inside look at roof replacement and why your roof may need to be replaced.

Replacement Frequency

How often should a roof be replaced?

Replacement of a roof is dependent on the condition of your roof and the amount of debris that lands on your roof and causes damage.

The age of your roof and the materials used also serve as key factors in roof replacement.


Regular inspection, maintenance, and management of your roof will help you save thousands of dollars in the future.

Instead of waiting until the whole roof needs to be replaced you should make smaller fixes as deemed necessary to keep your roof in good condition.

In order to properly inspect a roof you should be aware of what to look for.

One important place to begin is in the attic of your home.

On your journey around the attic you should look for key places where the roof is sagging or hanging slightly lower.

You should also look for signs of water spots or leakage caused by water damage.

However, this inspection is only an interior check and you will still need to conduct a check of the roof’s exterior.

Exterior Check

Once you figure out a safe way to get to the top of your roof, your exterior inspection check should include looking for damaged or missing shingles, cracked and curling shingles as well as rotting or moss growth, holes, and buckling.

After you examine the roof’s shingles you should look around the roof for dark spots which indicates the roofs shingles are old and will not provide maximum protection against extreme weather conditions.

Your chimney, vents, and pipes should be examined for any wear and tear.

You should also check your gutters for shingle debris and drainage blockage.

Inspecting the roof is the first step in determining if your roof actually needs replacement.

However, just because you notice a few missing shingles or water damage do not assume that you need a brand new roof.

Most of the time roofs simply need to be repaired rather than entirely replaced.

However, you should consult a roofing specialist or expert to help you determine if roofing repair or replacement is your best option.

Having a damaged free roof over your head keeps your family safe from various types of weather including lightening, rain, snow, and sun.

It is therefore essential for you to obtain the knowledge necessary to keep your roof in good condition.

After taking an inside look at roof replacement remember roof replacement is not always necessary, sometimes small repairs to your roof are instead needed.

Posted on Sep 22, 2013


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