Tips For Networking With Other Landlords For Success

Like many other business professionals, landlords can benefit from building a network of contacts and going to events where they can meet like-minded individuals.

Networking with other landlords can also be fun, and you can potentially build real friendships based on shared interests and goals.

Here are four tips to help you network with other landlords and improve your experience in the industry.

Join Local Associations
There are many associations that can serve as great resources, excellent networking opportunities and a place to go for support should you run into a problem.

For example, associations like the Washington Landlord Association, the California Apartment Association or the Ohio Landlord Association offer legal resources, screening services, and plenty of opportunities to meet with other landlords through association membership.

It’s also a great forum to warn each other about bad tenants and lobby for your interests.

Do some research about what local associations or organizations exist in your area and decide if they offer the benefits you’re looking for.

Go to Landlord Events
Every year there are plenty of events, seminars, and meetings for landlords and property owners.

These events often feature speakers who are leaders in the rental industry along with government officials, lawyers, reporters and other experts.

These individuals can help you understand where the rental market is going, what new laws to expect and how to protect yourself from legal issues.

These events also serve as a great place to meet other landlords, property managers, lobbyists, lawyer, and other great contacts. In fact, there are often free drinks, mixers, and cozy after-parties that are designed to get people talking.

Try websites like Eventful and 10 Times to check out different listings and upcoming events.

There are also simple social events you can attend through associations as well.

For example, the California Apartment Association hosts golfing tournaments and charity events, allowing landlords a place to meet, have fun together and even raise money for a good cause.

Use Social Media
Social media is the way that many people network now, and landlords and property managers are no exception.

Don’t be afraid to add people you know to your network, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media platform.

In fact, there are now social networks designed entirely for landlords, such as LandlordsNY, which allows landlords access to resources regarding new housing laws, zoning, and tenant eviction procedures.

The platform also allows you to contact other members within the LandlordsNY social network.

The site offers a range of vendors if you’re looking for specific services or products for your property.

Approach Networking Events with the Right Strategy
Joining associations and going to events with landlords may not be enough.

You also have to pursue the right strategy once you’re there to get the most from your networking experience:

  • Always bring plenty of business cards to hand out to contacts.
  • Write down conversation details you had with a contact on the back of their business card so you don’t forget who they are when you get home.
  • Move outside your circle and join in plenty of conversations. It’s the best way to expand your network of friends and contacts.
  • Quickly add contacts to your database of contacts. It’s easy enough to mix up or lose business cards.
  • Set a goal of meeting a certain number of people and try to stick to that goal.

By following these tips, you should be well on your way to expanding your network of contacts in the landlord and property management community.

Over time, you’ll see that a large network of contacts often provides unexpected benefits that can help you be a successful property manager.

Posted on May 20, 2015


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