Tips For Writing A Rent Abatement Letter

Rent abatement is when you do not have to pay a portion of your rent. There are many reasons why this may be the case. A common cause of rent abatement is when there is some kind of partial or complete destruction of property. If there is “substantial destruction” then the tenant often does not have to pay rent. This damage can happen as a result of fire, or other causes. Rent abatement can also happen if negotiating a brand new lease, there is a down economic market, or there are additional tenant improvements. If you are writing a rent abatement letter, then you are looking to decrease the amount you have to pay in rent for a clear reason. Below are tips for writing a rent abatement letter, as well as the requirements you will need to fulfill on your end when writing such a letter.

Seeing If You Qualify

Before you even begin writing the abatement letter, the first thing you need to do is make sure you qualify. If you are seeking rent abatement for damages, then catalog any partial or complete destruction carefully as proof. This is known as your triggering event, or the reason why you are writing the letter in the first place. If you are seeking rent abatement for another reason, then see if what standards may apply to your specific case.

The Importance of the Letter for Rent Abatement

In most jurisdictions, you must inform your landlord in writing of either substantial or partial destruction of their leased property. As a result, you will need to list this in your letter. In addition, you will need to include the trigger event and you need to clearly state your desire for partial or full rent abatement. If you are writing the rent abatement letter because of a down economy, new lease or improvements, then you will have to make a case for why you want your rent to be less.


1. Be Clear and Direct The letter you are writing is an official request for rent abatement and you should treat it with the care and diligence of a legal note. As a result, be very clear in the purpose of the letter and what you are requesting. 2. List Topics in a Sensible Order Begin with a brief introductory sentence. Specifically state that the damages done to the property and reiterate how these damages are a trigger for rent abatement. Follow this up with a direct request for rent abatement. If you are writing this letter for another reason, then try your best to make a convincing argument. Include the reasons why you are writing this letter, and the long-term benefits of reducing rent now.

Posted on Feb 02, 2015


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