Top 10 Bed Bug Infested Cities in America

Top 10 Bed Bug Infested Cities in America

The Bed Bug Invasion - What Can You Do?

It is with particular revulsion that we view any creature that finds it necessary for their survival to drink human blood. This includes vampires, mosquitoes, and increasingly across America, the Cimex lectularius or common bed bug. The rise in bed bug infestations across the country has reached historical proportions. The causes are not clear but experts from government agencies like the EPA and the Centers for Disease Control speculate that more traveling, lack of awareness of the problem and lack of awareness of the steps to prevent infestations are all contributing to the spike in bed bugs across America.

The Safety of Bed Bugs

It is small comfort that health experts do not consider bed bugs to carry diseases. The tiny brown scourge of the bedroom is however, considered a serious pest. Bed bugs find their way into your home because they are particularly well suited to travel. They can crawl into spaces as small as the width of a credit card and last up to a month without feeding. They hop on board a piece of luggage or on clothing lying on the floor. They come home with you undetected and then take over. Here are five tips on how to prevent infestations and deal with bed bugs if you find them.

5 Tips to Preventing a Bed Bug Infestation

Don’t panic. It’s good advice for galactic hitchhikers and it’s good advice if you think you’ve found some uninvited hitchhikers living in your bedroom.

1. Identify What Bug Your Home Is Infest With
First, make sure you’ve identified the right critter. Could it be fleas or tics? Second, don’t grab the spray can and hose down the whole bedroom and drag the bed to the curb. Exposure to pesticides may be an unnecessary risk, getting rid of your stuff is expensive and getting rid of these pests is difficult but not impossible.

2. Clean Your Home
Clean up the mess. Bed bugs like to live in carpets, on clothes sitting on the floor or in laundry hampers, and in folds in drapes and in small cracks. Eliminating their hiding places goes a long way in prevention and control.

3. Was Your Clothes
Dry your laundry on high. Heat kills bed bugs and they will die if subjected to temperatures of over 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 46 Celsius. Regularly washing and heat drying your clothes with help control bed bugs. You can also use heat for things like luggage. Place your luggage in a dark colored plastic garbage bag and leave it in the sun.

4. Vacuum Thoroughly
Vacuum your house thoroughly. While vacuuming doesn’t kill bed bugs it does help remove their debris. The areas where bed bugs hide out are covered with egg sacs, discarded skins and feces. After treatment it’s hard to tell what is left so a thorough vacuuming can help you see if there are still left over eggs and bugs. Make sure you immediately dispose of the contaminated vacuum bag outside the house.

5. Exterminate
Contact a pest control company that specializes in bed bug extermination and control. Professional companies will use steam cleaning or freezing bed bugs using pressurized carbon dioxide at minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit to freeze bed bugs. These methods will reduce bed bug populations quickly but alone will not solve the problem. They will also follow up with mattress and box spring encasement and treatment with diatomaceous earth that acts as a desiccant to kill any bed bugs that come in contact with it but is safe to use around bedding and clothes.

By being diligent and with a little professional help we can win the war on bed bugs.
Posted on Nov 21, 2013


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