Top 4 Apps Not Made for Property Management, But That Will Help You Streamline Your Business

Streamlining your rental business doesn't always mean that you have to purchase expensive, professional apps.

A lot of people, after all, only rent one or two properties.

They don't need complicated software designed for managing hundreds of apartments and houses.

While these four apps are not specifically made for property management, they can help you streamline your business so you get more done.

Price: Free to $60, depending on use
Operating systems: Android and iOS
Splashtop is a service that lets you connect to your desktop computer directly from a mobile device. This comes in handy when one of your tenants has a question that you can't answer immediately. Instead of promising to get back to that person, you can use your smartphone to look up the answer on your home Mac or PC.

Splashtop is also useful for times when you want to access documents.

For most landlords, real estate rentals just provide extra income. They still have jobs that keep them busy during the day.

Unfortunately, that means you might not have access to documents when you need them.

With Splashtop, you can pull them up on your tablet or smartphone.

There is a free version of Splashtop, but it only works on your home network.

For remote access, you will need to pay about $17 per year for the Anywhere Access Pack. You can also upgrade from personal to business use for more features. The business plans, however, start at $60.

Simpler Contacts
Price: Free, but you can upgrade to Pro for $4.99
Operating Systems: Android and iOS
Keeping up with tenant contacts is often harder than new property managers can imagine. It doesn't take many properties for your contact list to become unmanageable.

If you're trying to appeal to college students, you may have even four or five tenants living in the same place.

That's why you need an app like Simpler Contacts.

Simpler Contacts organizes social media profiles, telephone numbers and addresses in one place so you'll never have to search for a person's contact info again.
Simpler Contacts will also:

  • Merge duplicate contacts
  • Backup your contacts in the cloud
  • Make it easier for you to send group texts

If you ever have difficulty keeping up with your contacts, this is a great solution. It will help you save time and avoid headaches.

Track My Life
Price: Free
Operating Systems: Android and iOS
Many landlords find it difficult to keep their personal and professional lives in balance. Track My Life will give you insight into how you can rearrange parts of your life so you don't feel so stressed.
Is there a part of the workday when you aren't getting much accomplished? Could you become more efficient at handling tenant concerns?
Track My Life will help you answer these and other questions.
Your personal and business lives often overlap, so you need an app like this to stay organized and in control.

Price: Free
Operating systems: Android and iOS
A lot of small property management businesses hate dealing with the IRS.

Just looking at tax laws that involve rental properties is enough to induce panic attacks. IRS2Go won't completely eliminate your dread, but it can give you the information you need to keep your finances in line.

IRS2Go lets you check your federal refund status right from your phone or tablet.

That's a big help for property managers who rely on refunds to make repairs, pay for advertisements, and other services.
IRSGo will also:

  • Give you tax prep advice from IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
  • Let you make electronic payments securely
  • Keep you connected to the IRS's Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube profiles

You'll always have to deal with the IRS—so you might as well take advantage of this useful app.


Posted on Nov 30, 2015


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