Toxins in Your Home

Toxins in Your Home

How to Make Sure That a House is Free From Dangers

A house is considered as a protective shelter for a certain family or group of people. It serves as a hiding place for all the people during bad weathers. It also serves as a permanent home a family. This kind of structural building is made of durable materials that make it very reliable against the extreme heat coming from the sun and heavy rains caused by typhoons. However, it doesn’t mean that only because a house can already survive different kinds of calamities, it is already 100% safe for all of its occupants. There are some other factors to consider in order making sure that this kind of protective shelter is really safe and free from dangers.

What Are Considered Dangers?

The word “danger” is not limited to calamities. This word can be used also to describe the harmful effects of toxic chemicals to a certain person. If these chemicals are present in a house, there’s no assurance that the occupiers are 100% protected against several kinds of dangers and threats to their lives. These substances are hard to detect and it can cause several kinds of illnesses and even poisoning to many people who are not aware of its presence in the different rooms of a certain house.

The Most Dangerous Toxins In Your Home

What are the different kinds of threats that can be found in the house? Actually, the most dangerous chemicals and toxins that may appear in a house come from the basic substances that are being used by its occupants. Every person must be very careful in using painkillers, cosmetics and multi-purpose cleaners in their own houses. It is because these substances are the primary sources of toxic chemicals that may spread in the different rooms of a home. One example is the use of furniture polish. Furniture polish contains several kinds of chemicals like propane, butane gas and phenol that are very harmful to the respiratory system.

Do not use this product in cleaning all the furniture inside a house particularly in the living room. Because the harmful chemicals last longer and flow in the air for several minutes while the furniture polish is being used for cleaning, it can also cause serious threats in the health of the occupiers once it is inhaled by them. The same goes for a window cleaner that contains ammonia. Ammonia is a chemical that can cause irritation to a person. Instead of using window cleaners, it will be better if the occupants of a certain house will use only plain water in cleaning their windows at home.

In the kitchen, it is much better if the occupants of a house will sponges for dishwashing that are environmentally friendly. Try to avoid the use of multi-purpose cleaners and dish washing detergents in the kitchen as it may cause irritation and serious damages in the nervous systems of all the people who will enter the room and use the utensils washed with these substances. Instead go for the dish washing liquids that are certified free from toxic chemicals. Failure to follow these instructions will put the lives of many people into danger. Children are the most at risk from these chemicals. Instead of purchasing these products, maintain the cleanliness of a house by using the basic and natural substances of vinegar, salt, baking soda and many others.
Posted on Dec 18, 2013


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