Ultimate Guide to Buying Oriental Rugs

Ultimate Guide to Buying Oriental Rugs

What To Look For When Buying An Oriental Rug

You may be thinking about changing up your living room or bedroom and trying to think of the best way how. One good way to bring a new dimension to a room is by adding an oriental rug to it. There are a few things first time rug buyers should be aware of when they go looking for one.

1. Measure the area
You'll want to do a few things before you rush out and buy one for your house. In other words you'll want to prep. Measure the area you are wanting to place the rug. Is it big enough for a rug? If it is how big of a rug do you want in the area? Measure the room and the furniture in the room and come up with a rough sketch of the room, including windows and door ways. Think about what colors you want involved in the rug that will best accent your room colors. Or if you are totally redoing the room decide what colors you will want to include all together.

2. Measure style and quality
Now when it comes time to go out and look for an oriental rug for your room you want to look for a few things. Number one thing you will want to look for is the quality of the rug. Hand knotted is by far better than a machine woven rug. If you want a durable rug, one that will be getting a lot of traffic you will probably want to go with a wool rug, preferably one with a high quality dye. There are also silk ones available but they won't stand up to traffic as well.

3. Pick your weave style
Different weaves are used best for different types of designs. 100 knots per square inch are best for geometric designs. While 300 knots per square inch are best for more intricate and floral designs. Again this depends on the type of quality rug that you want. The more knots involved the more intricate the design can be and look good as well.

4. Determine origin and age
You'll want to look at the rug's country of origin and its age. Older rugs are usually from the Persian/Iranian area and are usually of much higher quality. Rugs made in the past 20 years or so tend to come from China, Turkey, and India for the best quality ones.

You'll want to choose colors that are easily matched, so that way you can involve your rug again if you should change your room color and décor over the years. Try and avoid trendy color patterns as you will most likely have a hard time changing your décor once you buy a rug like that.

Make sure the rug matches decor
Some other tips include choosing your rug first before your décor. This way you can decorate around it rather than killing yourself trying to find a rug that matches your decor. Choose the biggest rug possible for your space. This allows the rug to have the maximum visual impact. After all that's why you got the rug, right? Buying a used rug is ok, in fact these rugs are usually more valuable. Be a smart shopper and comparison shop for the best price possible.

Remember, trying to find an oriental rug that fits your tastes can seem like a daunting task. But if you break it down little by little and take things slow you are sure to be happy with your end result.
Posted on Oct 09, 2013


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