Understanding the Landlord Tenant Act of 1985

The Landlord Tenant Act of 1985 provides all the legal provisions to ensure that the relationship of a landlord and tenant is fair and mutually rewarding. While the Act is a legal guide to the roles, responsibilities and rights of both a landlord and a tenant, it also provides instructions to both parties for any untoward or expected circumstance that may pop up.

Landlord and Tenant Rights

At the very outset, the Landlord Tenant Act of 1985 explains the rights of the tenant and that of a landlord. Just as a landlord would ask for all details and do a background check of a tenant, a tenant has the right to ask for all identification details of the landlord or all the directors if the owner of the property is a company. A tenant may further enquire about details that are necessary and as laid out in the Act.

The Landlord Tenant Act of 1985 introduced both parties to the plethora of terms and legal jargon. Right from a rent book to terms of a lease agreement, all such jargon is explained in extensive detail so both parties understand what they are signing up for.

Fair Pricing and Housing Practices

The Act also discusses fair pricing and fair housing practices, provides jurisdictional guidance which can be used should a landlord or the tenant find it necessary to seek legal recourse and the Act talks about all the actions that both parties should not commit. Apart from providing a holistic guide to a landlord and a tenant, the Landlord Tenant Act of 1985 also looks at specifics of a rental agreement and also provides guidelines for issues that may vary from case to case.

House Repairs

For instance, who would do the repairs, who would be responsible for normal maintenance, whose right it is primarily to ensure that the property is well kept, how a landlord should ensure that the property is habitable and what kind of mistakes or offenses a tenant shouldn’t commit, are all mentioned extensively in the Landlord Tenant Act of 1985.


Disputes among landlords and tenants are very common and mostly because not many understand what their rights are and what solution is the right one. The Landlord Tenant Act of 1985 is a complete guide to avoid all such presumptions and speculations. Going by the guide, every landlord and tenant would know what is right and what is wrong, thus avoiding any litigation or arbitration arising out of a dispute.
Posted on Feb 08, 2014


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