Using Social Media To Promote An Exclusive Property

Social media has become a powerful tool for property owners, providing a platform for targeted, direct communication between potential clientele and landlords. Just a few of the nifty features social media savvy landlords employ include uploading photos, videos, and posting open house events.

From young, urban professionals looking for their first high-rise apartment in the city to retirees looking for the perfect place to hang their hats and relax after a lifetime of hard work, nearly everyone uses some form of social media to connect with family, friends, and acquaintances, and most recently, keep up with their favorite businesses. This makes social media the ideal place for real estate agents and property owners to find the perfect serious buyer or tenant for an exclusive property.

Real Estate Friendly Social Media and Networking Sites

There are a variety of social media sites available for property owners to use to their advantage when trying to rent an exclusive listing. LinkedIn, MeetUp, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are all commonly used by people from nearly every age and income range, meaning somewhere out there, on a computer near or far away, is the perfect person for every property.


Linking social media accounts to photo and video sites like Pinterest, Flickr, and Youtube give owners an advantage by allowing them to create a video walk-through or extensive photo collection of any listing. It also gives them a massive database of potential buyers or lessees to reach at no cost. Real estate specific social media sites like Zillow, Trulia, and WellcomeMat are also great tools that should be explored and used.


Attracting Clients on Social Media


The tools available to real estate professionals and property owners through social media offer ways to stand out in the crowd. With many properties for sale and lease in this market, and even more agents and owners trying to find clients, differentiating oneself from the masses is important.


Choosing a niche to promote on social media will attract clientele looking for a certain type of home. Whether you want to focus on eco-friendly homes, luxury homes, apartments, vacation properties, high-end rentals, or any other type of property, agents and owners can attract tenants seeking that particular type of property.


Finding a Serious Tenant or Buyer on Social Media


More and more serious tenants are turning to the Internet, social media specifically, in their property search every day. In a recent study, 91% of recent homebuyers in California used their smartphones or other mobile devices to look at properties during their search for their new home.


Seventy-five percent of the surveyed buyers said they scrolled through social media sites when searching for their next property. Forty-four percent used social media to research neighborhoods, or to collect buying, leasing, or searching tips from their friends and acquaintances that use social media.  Forty-two percent of buyers surveyed said they look up their real estate agent on Facebook to explore their page, if they have one. That's most likely why 94% of the real estate agents across the country now use their mobile devices to communicate with clients and potential clients. There are many serious buyers and lessee looking around on social media platforms for their next agent and property.


Reaping The Rewards Of Social Media Marketing


Whether you're an agent looking to find buyers in your niche market, or a property owner seeking a qualified renter to care for and enjoy your property as if it were their own, taking advantage of the marketing tools available through the many social media networks will help you to easily find the perfect person or family for any property, in any location, at any price point. By taking the time to create a series of detailed, linked profiles on a variety of sites, you'll be taking the first step toward the success that awaits you in this technologically connected real estate market.

Posted on Nov 21, 2014


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