How to Vent a Portable Air Conditioner

AC Maintenance Guide

Tips on How to Maintain your AC

If you have a portable AC unit, then you are sure to have an easy time installing and cleaning it. Most people who own portable air conditioners worry about how to maintain AC and how they keep it cooling a particular area continuously. It is necessary that you are aware of how you can keep your portable AC as clean as possible to ensure that it will not overheat and will not make you purchase another unit.

To prevent any incidents of overheating, the most important part that should be cleaned is the filter. Whenever you feel that the area is not cooling the way it was before, then you should start checking your filter. To clean the filter, remove the entire cover along with the filter, clean it with water and let it dry completely. As you attach it again, you will not an increase with its flow radically.

How is Installation Process Done?

As the owner of the AC unit, it is necessary that you are aware that the unit should be vented on either a wall or window. As soon as you have placed the unit in the area you want, make sure that you have already positioned the hose before the cooling process begin. Since the installation process is really easy, you can expect that the process on how to maintain AC is as easy as how it can be installed.

The Maintenance Process

When it comes to the process of how to maintain AC, there are simple tips that you can try doing. For initial venting, it is needed that vent out the exhaust hose with the use of the venting kit included with the portable AC that you have purchased. You just have to slide the venting kit unto the window near the area where you want it to be placed or for areas where there are no windows, mounting it on drop ceilings or walls is a good option you can do.

For the water drainage, it is necessary that you will empty the bucket periodically to ensure that the unit will work accordingly. The climate in your area will depend on how frequent you will empty the bucket and keep it free from water.

When replacing or just cleaning the air filters, you just have to slide it out, immerse it in warm water mixed with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and let it dry before putting it back in place. The scheduled cleaning of air filters should be set wither bi-weekly or monthly depending on how long you are using the unit.

For cleaning the surface of the AC, you just have to wipe the surface with soft and damp cloth while the unit is off. In the process of how to maintain AC, it is also advisable that you will not put in a location wherein it is exposed to direct sunlight and you will use mild detergents to prevent the surface color from changing.

It is necessary that you are aware of the entire process on how to maintain AC to make sure that the unit will last for a long period of time and will not wear out easily.
Posted on Jan 13, 2014


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