Vital Areas Of An Apartment Maintenance Checklist

One of the key items that a landlord or manager can give to their tenants is an apartment maintenance checklist. This list becomes the foundation of the work that needs to be completed within the apartment so that a tenant can properly maintain it and get their security deposit back. There are some key items that need to be included on this checklist, however, but they aren't always on there.

Here are some of the most overlooked items that should be included on today's apartment maintenance checklists.

#1. The Condition of the Cabinets Under the Sink

One of the most common places for hidden damage to occur within an apartment is underneath the kitchen and bathroom sink. When a sink clog happens, the most common method of eliminating that clog is to pour a drainer cleaner down into the plumbing. This unclogs the drain, but if the cleaner leaks out of the trap, the acid will also bubble up and eat the cabinet paneling below it. Encourage tenants to protect this area by including it on the maintenance checklist.

#2. Cleaning the Window Sill Tracts

Many apartment tenants are good about cleaning their windows upon moving out, but they don't always clean out the tracts in the frames where the windows sit. This is a common place for dirt to collect if it isn't cleaned out for an extended period of time. In wet environments, this can also lead to the formation of mold. By including it on the checklist, you'll be able to bring a higher level of attention to the issue and hopefully resolve it before a contractor has to do the work.

#3. The Tops of the Kitchen Cabinets

Most tenants are going to use the kitchen in their apartment fairly regularly. When cooking, however, there water vapor and steam from cooking foods isn't just water – it also contains grease and other food particles. This rises because of the heat and then deposits on top of the cabinets. Most people don't clean up there at all, which means you could have a thick layer of grime to remove after a tenant checks out. Include it on the list specifically and you'll eliminate a common headache.

#4. Spackle Damage

Kids will damage spackle because it's fun to peel it off of the wall. Pets can damage spackle just by rubbing up against it! Even a carelessly tossed shoe can be all it takes to remove spackle from a painted wall and leave a glaring, white space. Include spackle damage with your maintenance checklist and perhaps even encourage options to fix the spackle, like the type that comes in spray cans, if the damage is extensive.

#5. Kitchen Counter Use

People use their kitchen counters in two ways that they probably shouldn't in their apartment: as a cutting board and as a place to set hot dishes out of the oven. Both instances can cause damage and that means a hit to you and to the tenants. Specifically encourage tenants on the maintenance checklist to avoid these specific activities and the condition of your apartments may improve dramatically with the small adjustments.
Posted on Sep 08, 2014


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