Ways to Prevent and Kill Bed Bugs

Ways to Prevent and Kill Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Statistics and Facts

Bed bugs are populated in all 50 states of the United States. Within a single bed bugs lifetime, they can lay 500 eggs. It takes only 5 minutes for a bed bug to drink blood before releasing it with the ability to live more than 12 months without eating.

Ways Bed Bugs Travel

Bed bugs have the ability to travel by the following ways.

1. Luggage and Backpacks – Within infested locations bed bugs can easily spread within luggage holds on planes.
2. Used Furniture and Carpets – Bed bugs and their eggs can hide within fibers of the carpeting and furniture of your home.
3. Public Transportation – Hiding within the upholstery of public transportation, they can spread within your purse and backpacks.
4. Clothing – Eggs can be hatched within used clothing and hide in warm clothing at an infested location.

5 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

1. Inspect hotel rooms – use a flashlight to inspect mattresses and linens.
2. Do not place clothing in hotel room dresser drawers
3. Steam clean used furniture.
4. Wash Clothing immediately after a hotel stay.
5. Use mattress encasement.

How to Combat Bed Bug Infestations

Follow these tips if you are currently combating a bed bug infestation.

1. Call a pest control professional to help.
2. Kill with high heat, drying clothes on high for 60 minutes.
3. Kill with steam. Perform slow steaming at 1 foot per every 15 seconds.
4. Kill with cold. Freeze the infested items for 2 weeks.
Posted on Sep 06, 2013


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