Why People Love to Live in Austin, Texas

Why People Love to Live in Austin, Texas

Six Reasons to Live In Austin

Austin is known as a happening place for young adults. It also serves as a haven for bands, festivals, and foods of all kinds. With new employment opportunity growth and entrepreneurship flourishing, Austin can be titled a great place to live. Here are six reasons why you should live in Austin.

1. Music Scene

Austin hosts over 20 events highlighting live music year round. Musicians typically can be found performing at grocery stores, city council meetings, nightclubs/bars, and coffee houses. Overall, more than 200 live music venues exist.

You can also find Waterloo Records on North Lamar Blvd which is considered one of the last comprehensive independent record stores in the country.

2. Events

Austin also offers annual music, interactive, and film festivals found in March. The SXSW hosts more than 3,000 bands. This city also has the largest festival based on number of acts per million residents. The SXSW can bring Austin over $165 million into the surrounding local economy.

The Austin Film Festival highlights both Hollywood hits and independent films that can be found around different venues. One of the most prominent theatres is Paramount Theatre located on Congress Avenue. The Fantastic Fest is also featured here, geared towards showcasing specific genres such as anime, horror, sci-fi, and adventure.

Additional events are commonplace such as the Martin Luther King Jr. March and Festival, Rodeo Austin, and Art City Austin.

3. Food Community

A vast array of food trucks can be found here. Some examples are Indian cuisines made with all natural ingredients, burger and fry places, crepe specialized outlets, and the hosting of the Food and Wine Festival with cooking demos, wine seminars, live music, food and wine tastings.

4. Small Business Benefits

The City of Austin now works with the Austin Small Business Alliance, focused on businesses with fewer than 20 employees which can qualify for tax credits, fee waivers, and lower cost job training.

5. Job Market

Austin is a place that has maintained an unemployment rate lower than the national average as well as present growth in opportunities and jobs in the future.

6. Low Crime Rate

Austin's violent crime rate is third lowest in the country for cities with populations higher than 500,000. There are only 430 crimes committed per 100,000 populations.
Posted on May 22, 2013


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Why People Love to Live in Austin, Texas

Six Reasons to Live In Austin Austin is known as a happening place for young adults. It also serves as a haven for bands, festivals, and foods of all kinds. With new employment opportunity growth and... More