Why You Should Meet Your Tenant Face to Face

With the convenience of technology, securing a new tenant and executing a lease can be as easy as clicking send. While technology can certainly play a role in your landlord experience, some parts of being a landlord are best reserved for in-person interactions. Before your tenant puts pen to paper and receives keys to their new abode, take some time to meet with them. The personal interaction will set your landlord-tenant relationship off on the right foot and deliver several advantages.                                                       


A Chance to Ask and Answer Questions

When you meet with your tenant face to face, you can engage in a helpful question-and-answer session that develops naturally. Over email, you may forget to share important information, or your tenant may forget to ask an important question.


Give Your Prospective Tenant a Tour

A face to face meeting before the lease is signed allows you to give a thorough unit tour to your tenant. Here, you can showcase some of your unit's special features. Perhaps you want to show your tenant how to change filters in the air conditioning unit, or showcase that surprise storage that's hidden in the back of the walk-in closet. At the same time, your tenant may have questions about where to park their vehicle, or how to use the alarm system.


Relationship Building

A face to face meeting with your tenant does far more for establishing a collegial relationship than a virtual meeting. According to Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts' 2013 study of face to face meetings in the business world, 81 percent of business professionals believe face to face meetings can help establish long term trust.


After a face to face meeting, you will feel like you know your tenant more personally, and your tenant will feel the same way about you. The next time a need to contact your tenant arises, you'll be comfortable doing so because you established a trusting relationship beforehand and have lines of communication already active.


Application Verification

A face to face meeting can serve as a chance to verify application information. If your allegedly single tenant shows up to move in with two cats or a family of four, you'll have some investigating to do and will need to decide if you need to amend the lease or tack on any fees. Meeting with your tenant face to face keeps them honest and protects your interests and property.


Goal Establishment

At a face to face meeting, you can establish goals and expectations for the long run. As the landlord, you can address your responsibilities during this meeting, such as prompt response to maintenance and repair requests. During this meeting, you can encourage your tenant to deliver monthly rent on time, uphold their maintenance responsibilities as stated in the lease and keep you informed of any issues with the unit or neighborhood. Finally, you can discuss the best method of communication for the future. Thanks to this discussion, both you and your tenant will leave the face to face meeting feeling confident about the lease arrangement.

Posted on Dec 08, 2014


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