How to Write a Landlord Termination Letter to a Tenant

How To Write A Landlord Termination Letter To A Tenant

A landlord termination letter to a tenant is sent on two occasions. First is when a landlord doesn’t intend to renew the agreement and has to furnish a notice to the tenant. Second is when a landlord wishes to abruptly terminate the rental or lease agreement for any particular reason.

A rental agreement or a lease agreement would always have clauses pertaining to termination. No party can abruptly terminate the agreement unless there is a breach of the contract and its clauses or there is something very serious and unavoidable owing to which termination becomes absolutely necessary.

Conduct a Formal Letter

Any landlord termination letter to a tenant is a typical formal letter. It is penned by the landlord, or at least signed by the landlord if written by a staff or property manager, and addressed to the tenant with the address of the property where the tenant is presently residing. It may so happen that the residing address may not be the property in question which has to be vacated in which case both the addresses must be mentioned in the letter. The destination address must be mentioned in the mailing details while the address of the rental property must be mentioned in the body.

Should a landlord be terminating a rental agreement according to the tenure and clauses of the lease agreement, there is no need to furnish any reason. The letter can simply provide the notice of the months or weeks as in accordance with the agreement and thereon the tenant has to respond to the letter accepting it or asking for a review.

When to Justify Cause

When a landlord has to abruptly terminate a rental agreement, there must be sufficient reasons provided in the content of the letter. The reasons can be anything from a series of late payments to a serious breach in contract. A tenant may commit a mistake or a crime that is unacceptable or a landlord may be in a situation where the property has to be vacated, for instance in case of bankruptcy, any such reason must be mentioned in the landlord termination letter to a tenant. Failing to provide such reasons and not validating them in case of abrupt termination or sudden notice can lead a tenant to take legal recourse. Unjust eviction or termination of rental agreement is not allowed and thus the reasoning is very crucial in abrupt terminations.
Posted on Feb 01, 2014


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