Writing the Perfect Welcome Letter to Tenant From Landlord

As a landlord, providing your tenants with a positive welcome and a warm greetings is a good way to establish rapport with them.

It is very important if you wish to avoid future problems or issues, and gives you the chance to discuss expectations for all involved.

In that way, they will be able to start a getting to know process.

Your aim here is to generate income for your property, to have a good business and to have a good working relationship with your tenants.

Preparing the Letter

Preparing a welcome letter for your tenant is one of the best ways to establish a good working relationship with them – a good way to establish rapport.

Plus, you can also provide them with something like a welcome package or gift.

While this can trigger long working relationship with them, it is not necessary.

The welcome letter itself, however, should be provided to each new tenant that you accept.

You may prepare the letter, the lease, and you should allow at least an hour for a conversation with your new tenant.

This is the best time to go over the rules, policies, or regulations in your property contract so that everyone is on the same page.

The Content of the Letter

You should include a few things in the content of your letter:

A welcome letter should let your tenant know that you are looking forward to forming a good working relationship with them.

Next, you should highlight the obligations of the lease. Be clear about what you really expect from them.

Many landlords will lease their property without undertaking this process.

It may bring about a situation where a misunderstanding could occur between the occupant and the owner.

You'll want to avoid this situation before it becomes an issue.

Emphasize House Rules

Do not forget to emphasize the house rules (or policies).

This is very important in protecting your properties as well as the welfare of other occupants if there are any.

Make sure that you provide a place for the tenant to initial the page so that you have lasting proof that they were provided with the information and asked to sign off on it. 

You may also include instructions and forms that are necessary or beneficial to the tenant.

Attach Additional Copies

Along with the letter, you may also attach other copies of lease papers, addendums, parking instructions, or storage information.

Attaching utility and emergency hotline numbers help to prvoide a sense of safety for your new tenant as well .

Examples of these hotlines are the police department, fire department, emergency services, medical services, electric and gas services, waste disposal, water services, your calling card, and any other pertenant emergency numbers that would be helpful.

You can also provide them with information for the fire exits, gas valves, electric circuit breaker, and more of everything that they need to know.

Posted on May 08, 2014


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