2 Military tenants; one moved out the other stayed until he has orders to move all before lease expires

I rented my duplex house to two military men in Feb 2014. The one downstairs used baby wipes to cause the toilet to overflow. When we brought this to his attention, he agreed to pay for the plumbing damages around $195 in addition to the monthly rent. The very next month, again the same toilet problem occurred, and this time damaged the carpet. It took 2 weeks to get new carpet installed, but the one military tenant left citing the house was in deplorable condition because of the backed up toilet that he caused. He left leaving the other military tenant holding the lease all on his own without notice. We were told by the one that stayed that he could not handle the entire rent by himself and could not locate another room mate to occupy the second level of the house, therefore, he gave a 30-day notice he would be leaving the end of Oct 2014 but the lease is not up until February 2015.

What do we do in the case a military orders that were given after they broke the lease? Are we obligated to give back the deposit? We cannot hold them to the lease, if they have orders to leave the state, but it seems unfair the one military ruined the second level of the house and left, so the other is forced to leave, but now they get a get out of jail card by the government they don't have to pay? Can we keep the deposit to off set the expense of repairing the damages (replacement of carpet and plumbing cost) the one military tenant made prior to leaving without notice, and should we offer the other military tenant half of the deposit back? We understand that with military we must allow them to break the lease at any time they receive notice, but this all happened before they received their orders to leave the state in Nov 2014. I really feel we have been taken advantage of by these military men.

My understanding of this rule ...

My understanding of this rule is as follows:
If a service member return to active duty, ships out to different location on orders etc, they are allowed to terminate a residential lease with 30 days notice, and this notice must be in writing and must include the orders themselves also in writing. So if they receive orders on March 15 they would still owe half rent for the following month through April 15th. Additionally this simply terminates the lease but does not cover any period of time prior to the written notice of termination with orders. Therefore any liability from prior to termination you should still be able to enforce.
I would encourage you to speak with an attorney (which I am not) for clarification here before pursuing any action but the above is my general understanding.

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