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i moved into a place where i was renting a room for $650  a month YES a ROOM i know i was dooped.. anyways i signed a month to month lease $650 first months $650 last months and $650 deposit ALL paid at move in! sept 16th 2013 well october was HORRIBLE another tenant physically attacked me twice and called 911 with BOGUS reports against me so i paid Nov rent in full then gave my 30 notice on 5th.... now here is the issue... i thought with all the moneys i paid at move in and giving my 30 notice after paying rent that month i would have till jan 1st to be out.. giving me time to find a place well they got angry when i gave notice and the "friendship" ended they told me NO i can not leave i HAD to stil pay decembers rent then i would have to leave feb 1st per the month to month agreement that makes no sense to me that would be 90 days not 30! well they got violent when i adressed that point so i had to leave right then! sooo i paid them full rent sept yet was there 2 weeks full rent october and full rent november but was only there 5 days... and they are claiming i OWE THEM MONEY for back rent and suposed damages! they were taking pictures of the house BEFORE i even moved my things out or cleaned and of things that were NOT mine and using those as their proof of mess and damage... they are MASTER con artists i have such a story about them this is ONE of many things i have against them but i have no proof so im screwed and no one will help me in court. im broke i ended up in a homeless shelter becasue of them they took all my money. what can i do are they right about the move out do i owe them moeny?

oh goodness they bleeped out t...

oh goodness they bleeped out the word but t  lol kinda funny

I researched deposit/rental as...

I researched deposit/rental assistance there I didn't find anything called GAP.... But research it tell them you want a contact number for them and verify it! cuz if you give them a written lease before they actually pay you could run into problems! I DO KNOW there are organizations who help with rent and deposits! I have actually personally used one called UCAN here in Oregon they paid my full deposit and 2 months rent so I could get on my feet! So don't look down on it but DO verify and cover your **bleep**!

I am not familiar with the use...

I am not familiar with the use of GAP insurance for rental housing. GAP is basically insurance that would cover the difference between the actual value of something and the amount owed for it. Its usually for vehicles in situations where the car might depreciate faster than the loan is being paid off so you could owe $40k on a car that is worth $30k.  My hunch is a tenant insuring something is not a bad thing for the landlord, but I would get more info from him on exactly what he intends to do. As an aside you should have EVERYTHING in writing and signed when you lease a place no matter what. 

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